• Who is chris webby

  • seriously wack as fuck.

  • Marko-V

    Lol, the intro talkin on the song made me acknowledge this as corny.

  • Yo

    You guys need to check webbys other songs, he is actually amazing. This wasn’t his best work. Check his songs, “skyline, websters revenge, and really any of his mixtapes” all of his songs are lyrically insane

  • LOL

    ^ ha. Chris Webby lyrically insane? gtfo

  • deez

    money situation must not be too great for bun b, cuz he supporting a lot of these bullshit rappers, lmao asap rocky, who is, in fact, making a mockery of your style of music, and is a certified homo, and u rock wit mac miller and shit and all these countless rappers, i noe you need them checks..

  • @donricoesq

    There used to be a time when a BUN B feature meant something but it seems just cut the check it doesnt matter how cornball u are, he will give u a verse

  • deez

    chris webby is the worst of all, possibly, like connecticut, get the fuck out of here you went to hoftstra you fucking clown you were probably by pacos on thursdays cross from that wack ass university…

  • deez

    you shoulda continued working with mic galper and then he pretty much ripped you to pieces..

  • deez

    @donricoesq you already know, dude probably didnt save his money wisely..

  • KoldCase

    Yeah all this hate on webby is from people who havent heard any of his shit

    The dude is lyrically insanse yall just dont listen to him

  • Yo

    @LOL, listen to websters revenge and tell me that’s not lyrical murder…. I’ll wait

  • t

    Dj dramas garbage now, the lost tape was shit , slaughterhouse’s mixtape will be the worst material by them ever (the slaugherhouse has closed), and now cris webby lol

  • D!A!E!

    only here for the pic…

  • Bob

    chris webby reminds me of the beastie boys…give him 3 more yrs, but eminem and yelawolf are still the illest of that bunch. mac miller sucks, mgk cant be taken serious and Nas album “life is good” is killing anything out….fuck mmg and anything they make, music, sneakers, liquor and crack pipes! OUT

  • PPtheTRUTH

    This dude was Mac Miller before Mac Miller blew up.. Mac just got into a better marketing ploy than he did for all the dumb mother fuckers who like that skinny jeans fake glasses rap.

    This dude I know is all into that type of shit.. wearing those striped tank tops.. saying braj.. basically the tosh.0 lifestyle..

    Webby is now working with Supahotbeats aka willpower

    He said this “isnt me selling out this is my makin paper shit.”

    He did sell out.. I think @supahotbeats told him that was how Yelawolf got some shine but they are mistaken.. The pop machine takes actually good rappers and turns into bullshit.. See 50 cent.. See Lil wayne.. Webby was nice with the words but its still that faggy lil wayne post carter 3 style.. Now he is on the main lane money gettin rap that the girls believe and they still buy these cds.. no self respecting person buys a wayne cd or a mac miller or wiz cd when there said artists are wearing nut huggers and they are post emo rock alternative crowds turning to money rap..

    IN life away from rapradar Im watching the change from emo alternative rock to swag hip hop happen to this kid now.. its like an experiment.. hes got good weed.. mine is better but hes got a hook on some ounces of this dope hash so i gotta put up with his ass.. i cant stand chillin with the kid hes all into dub step and mac miller and logic and all that emo hippy/hipster shit that has been coming out for a 2 years or so..

    I wouldnt have thought Webby would fall this far off tho form Websters Laboratory…


  • jeezy

    Biggest failed cd of the year…god forgives, I don’t leaked…