• Steve

    The guy on the left in that pic has the exact same bodyshape that I have when I put a shirt on. It’s making me self-conscious…I hope to lose like 30 lbs in the next 30 days.

  • D

    I love dipset but jimmy gotta give up this “vampire life” bullshit. lookin like an old homo trying way too hard to be young and cool

  • co

    Rip Stack Bundles I know jenny jones prolly owed you money before you passed . We miss u ICON

  • Ditto

    Ever since Max B left Jim, Jim cant make anymore good Songs, he needs better Ghost Writers,

  • Showstoppa

    S/o Doe B on a track wit Jim Jones….Let Me Find Out…

  • wtf i just wasted 57 seconds of my life couldnt even finish the song…WWWWWAAAAAACCCCKKKK!