New Video: C-N-N “Bloody Money”

It only took 15 years, but N.O.R.E. finally shot a video for C-N-N’s classic, “Bloody Money”. He premiered it at the end of his “Get Her” video, but came to his senses and released it on his own. Hopefully this sparks a trend with more veteran rappers. Add War Report to your collection here.

Previously: “No Delayin”

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  • chuck taylor

    Dumb idea smh

  • Jonny

    I miss this kind of hip hop

  • B.Dot

    Chuck taylor
    u must be under 21

  • yeah thats that shit!!!!!

    Seymour the Painter

  • rahrahrah

    I wish Nas would go back and do a video for “take it in blood” I can just see him in the lex watching kathy lee and regis…. Yo Nas! we need that.

  • JustMyOpinion

    This us what happen when rappers run out of ideas. Clearly.

  • Mike

    Great idea.

  • LoverOfHipHop

    Damn this song is STILL dope!


  • Marko-V

    I love the song and the idea of shooting videos to classic LP songs. I think Cappadonna did it first tho (If you think the Pillage was dope). However, I don’t know about the video itself cuz it doesn’t capture the feeling it had for me. Like watching the video for The World Is Yours now makes the viewer know it was 95 then. So a new visual for an old classic should capture that feeling of its creation.

  • Youknowiknow

    Dope Idea little late but better late then never

  • naseef


  • @donricoesq

    Its good to go back and drop a visual for a classic

  • BlackDivine

    i agree, good idea and would be a smart trend for vets,could even bring those brought up on this new homo rap era back to real ish

  • zeee

    the trend already started cause if you remember capadonna did the vid for his milk this cow track about a year ago

    im just saying

    memories dont live like people do

  • ripper

    Str8 banger!!!