Prodigy “Live” In Studio Performance

Prodigy was in the building with DJ Kay Slay on Shade 45 and gave a live performance of “Live”. Now this is what you call cost effective. HNIC 3 available here.

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  • Marko-V

    Not much to say on P. Must be difficult stayin relevant after all these years in the game.

  • alrightalrightalright
  • alrightalrightalright

    yeah your a old man P you should probably retire soon

  • frankyg

    ^ shut your trap fool, how old are you really? P is doing the right thing, just let the music do the talking!! He’s always been the truth!! And small advice to him he should go solo and stop fuckin’ with the rest of these mobb deep lames, they are some bitter ass haters

  • dodo

    how old is this clown?

  • Mandowncru

    Loving this alc beat

  • Prodigy is one of the best ever. I’ll still purchase his music. Can you young clowns say the same for all of your hype beast rappers?