360 “Toca Tuesdays

360 appeared last Tuesday on Tony Toca’s show on Shade 45. Before the close of his interview, he recited a pair of rhymes over Nas’ “Memory Lane” and “Can’t Forget About You”. Based off his previous material, 60 should’ve gone harder.

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  • damedashinem

    dog, 360 u need to hop on this sh!t a$ap dude smh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFpyOLgfWeY

  • hazz

    B Dot’s favorite rapper SMH!

  • chris

    It wasn’t bad, but bdot is right. Still love his mixtape tho

  • JOHNYblaze

    someone has been listening to too much Jigga, and when they decided to start spitting noone mentioned that. He aight if he was my homey freestyling but that was weak, his energy is on point but this is modern times brah if you grab attention first time some1 checks you out and you disapoint its a high mountainclimb B.

  • strongisland


  • trill cosby

    ^^ agreed #ComeHarder

  • YBF


  • TK

    Damn that was the Flex freestyle he prepared at the end, now he gonna need another one when he goes to the Flex show. LMAO, no hate.. the dude is nice

  • lol

    What is with this website and there obsessive/creepy stalker like attention to certain rappers?No one outside this website knows who 360 is, but this B Dot dude is pumping his music on here ever day , next thing you know were gonna see ” 360 goes to Wal Mart to buy some toilet paper and skittles”

    Elliot Wilson does it with Rick Ross, but before that it was Jay Z, and before that it was Aftermath/Interscope.

    A bunch of pathetic worthless mother fuckers run this website

  • Victor Von DOOM

    “60 could of came harder”

    He weak as fuck,He ain’t got no hard verses.

    It’s official that 360 is being FORCED upon us the people smh

    A$AP Rocky > 360 hahaha

  • chris

    U must be on drugs. Don’t let 1 bad freestyle be the end all be all. 360 would run laps around asap rocky any day. On every level. If this is forced, I’ll submit

  • RC

    You can tell he was spitting writtens which wasnt bad but damn dude, to spit a verse you wrote for Flex’s show. Embarrassing.

    Tried to laugh that shit off too

  • Confused

    Do you guys go to other websites? You say this websites is the only one pushing him when I see him on other major rap blogs. Yall sound like a bunch of disgruntle rappers, Dont be mad, UPS is hiring. Why would you compare to this dude to ASAP at least you can tell this guy is a NY nigga, ASAP is a clusterfuck of rap styles. NY Rap > anything else

  • Pimp

    This is on WSHH. You claim RR only supports him is lies