Frank Ocean Brings “Crack Rock” To NY

Frankie kept his channel ORANGE tour going last night at New York City’s Terminal 5. Above, he runs through the album’s track 9. If you weren’t in attendance, check out more clips from the show below.

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  • the truth

    no homo..i mean no “franks”

  • Me


  • Forrest Gump

    I love Mr. Ocean.

    Yes, Franks.

    Y’all are the faggot niggas. What’s wrong with some sausage for breakfast.

  • Ken Rose

    SMH @ the gay hate.

    All r&b niggas is gay anyway.

    At least Frank Ocean is man enough to admit it.

    Gay or not, this niggas makes good music, period.

  • David

    “FAG!” is becoming a bit cliche. Come up with something else. and by the way. This niggas album is crack. Best shit Ive heard in a while.

  • Me

    One big room full of gay niggaz o_o fag’s!!!

  • King

    Smh.. I went there.. and If some of you “tough guys” was there with your girl.. he would have left with your chicc..

    Same dudes I see on the block talking about their thoro and they rep and are gangsta. but you hear they are fuccin tranny’s on the low…

    Be yourself. And stop being ignorant

  • King Chandler

    I like a couple songs by dude but his voice is too whiny for me and he has a limited range. To me, The Weeknd is in a whole different universe in regards to talent, only R&B dude who can do justice to a Dirty Diana remake.

  • Fiasco

    This is the stupidest shit I’ve seen in a while. Did everybody get dumber over the last year? Why the fuck can’t anybody have an actual conversation without stamping some ultimately retarded extrapolation about anybody that disagrees with them?

    “Anybody that has a less-than-perfect opinion of Frank Ocean is actually a latent homosexual.”

    “If you didn’t like Life Is Good, you obviously listen to Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj on repeat.”

    “You listen to 2 Chainz? You must be some hipster high school kid that does everything Elliot Wilson tells you to.”

    “You listen to Kendrick Lamar? You must be some hipster high school kid that does everything Shake and Meka tell you to.”

    It’s absolutely pathetic. What’s the point of voicing your opinion if you decide beforehand that all other opinions are worthless? Are you pussies so scared of other viewpoints that you have to try to cover your ass before anybody even says anything?

    And all of this is completely overlooking the fact that none of these ridiculous generalizations even come close to making sense.

  • the truth

    u want a beef frank or an ocean frank???

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  • koO

    @Fiasco, couldn’t agree more. Personally I just don’t bother with online communication anymore, it’s just a big hater fest.

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  • I love novacane.

  • Ladies are still getting their panties soaked over this nigga SMH

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