• veesky

    Dag, I was just reading abt how that was one of the biggest stories of 2012 so far (as far as Hip-Hop is concerned) sheesh

  • PPrrootteesstt

    No respect for this man. Got rich and came up with this nigga, and instead of doing things face to face, u a 40 yr old dude handling a problem like this on Twitter. On top of that, you front like it wasn’t you after you do the shit.

    No respect

  • @Artise1

    I hate when n*ggas destroy themselves. STFU and handle your problems like a man. Not a clown.

  • The Other P

    Disappointing. Very disappointing. Nothing P could have done is worth airing dirty/fake laundry. If the Mobb is done, then the Mobb is done no reason to act like a ho after making music with the man for 20 years.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    If you had issues with P handle that in private.

  • County of Kings

    Niggas always quick to shit on Rick Ross for lying tho? These niggas both of em lied to all mobb deep fans. Prodigy on interviews smiling and giggling about it. No respect they should both leave NYC. Fuckin queens niggas always on that bullshit, that’s the gunit in them. Soon as they joined 50 squad they was different

  • bcro28

    county of kings is a bitch. Ross is a fraud. mobb deep is no longer in gunit.

  • Lost mad points with that stunt Hav. Mad points……..

  • bry from boston


  • JOHNYblaze

    damn this shit kills me thoo. i always liked prodigy more as an artist but havoc production is legendary, they made that hardcore east coast sound. Havoc tho is killing me here, but luckily i got to see yall perform at MoBB DEEP headlining rock the bells miami 2011 last year and that show was ill zooted, visual experience, i hope yall can fix it, had been a fan since 12 now 24 grew up on the mobb……

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Havoc suffers from the same disease Rick Ross has.

  • ben

    Not in public homie…y’all grew/came up together….smh

  • the truth

    mobb deep finished for real they just need to quit rappin they aint gonna make it like they did back in a day. maybe some shows here and there but thats it. the only one who still have a future is havoc he can produce some good beats and sells them.


    Gfid album of the millennium

  • the void

    prodigy is the only one keeping the mobb deep name alive for the past 4 or 5 years. including while prodigy was locked up. havoc isnt doin shit but getting fat. havoc has an alcohol problem. i read prodigy book and anyone else that did would know that they were never that cool with each other anyway. they were just music partners.

  • the void

    im glad i got to see mobb deep perform at least once at the house of blues in L.A

  • Devante

    This shit is a Gimic

  • Evil

    Mobb Deep was over as soon as they signed with g-unit.Nothing was the same from there after.They almost messed up as bad as buck

  • Word

    DUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHH! We knew it was you already as much as you tried to deny it and play it off.

  • Ok

    Let’s not forget the issue here. P was getting it in the @ss while I’m the pin!

  • Mandowncru

    Problem is about money

  • T

    Couldn’t care less…can’t front on the classics they made. That’s all that matters in the end.

  • The Truth

    Man I get to work and this is what I see, wow, Havoc you should go straight to you played yourself section!!!

  • How come RAPRADAR don’t do any interviews / own stories?

  • Black Shady

    What if P is the next one to come out the closet??? think about it……….Havoc dont want none of that LOL

    P is the first gay rapper. that would be hilarious………

  • Don’t Do It , Please Don’t Do it…Once We All In Then We All Go Through It..

    Yo Yo fellas whats kicking players?? yeah mr. havoc you shouldn’t break up with mr. prodigy, because after all, how is a group that is named Mobb Deep going to not be Mobbing Deep anymore?? That just does not make sense dog. Im sure we can come to some kind of resolution right guys..

  • Itz Yourz

    Smh, knew this nigga was straight lying when he did the interview with the breakfast club. when they confronted him…usually you can look at someone to tell they lying but this nigga sounded like a lie thru the phone.

    Like charlamagne said havoc, How you going to make shook ones, and then be a shook one on admitting your bullshit was a straight bird nigga move.

    Its too many nigga in jail that would know P was gay if he was. One of them would said some shit by now if it was true.

  • deez

    @Iyah yeah these mufuckas have somebullshit called east village radio that probably very little amount of people actually tune into, i dont get why they dont do theyre own interviews and shit, probably cuz all of these dudes are known dickriders, so no one fucks with them like that..

  • deez


  • deez

    once things for certain, two thing for sho, and thats if they id interviews every single one of em would be a mmg interview conducted by b.dot..

  • NinjaSayWhat

    Yo whats the name of that track playing in the background?

  • Lil Weezy Fuckin’ Baby In The Bootyhole..


  • MMG

    @Lil Weezy Fuckin’ Baby In The Bootyhole

    Hatin ass nigga… Ross running the game and you can’t stand it who else is making better music in hip hop and don’t say Nas… that Life is good is aight but Ross has better music, Nas was in Miami rapping at the club and nobody was feeling him and Ross can go in when he want to check out his verse on pandemonium.

  • go

    I cant front ross a fraud but he know how to network

  • County Of Kings

    guess those summer jam ballerina and mike jackson pics jay put up on the big screen told us what his life was like. his grandmama made him gay wit all that tap dancing and glitter shit in the ballet school. its hilarious to hear juan epstein interview prodigy and he tries to talk about goin to ballet school madd hard and tough. he a long island nigga pretending to be a queensbridge nigga for 20yrs so a homo pretending to be straight i guess i could believe it.

    call that nigga prodigy ocean hahaha

  • Real Talk

    @MMG…STFU! You sound VERY SILLY! Ross could not fuck with Nas on his worst day!

  • MMG

    @ Real Talk… aint nobody rockin with Nas like that he ethered Jay-Z and and couldn’t even take advantage of that shit…. He is supposed to be where Jay-Z is; a Boss but instead he a worker Bee… Ross has been in the game on a national level since 2006 so tell me why he is more of a boss than Nas… talk all you want about lyrical ability if you want but you have to master the hip hop game as well and Nas has respect from his peers but guess what, so does Nas and his music sounds better to the ear Ross took down the mighty 50 cent and has been going no where but up since can you say the same about Nas after he ethered Jay Z? didn’t think so….. Now that’s Real Talk……Beyotch!

  • Jameek

    What song is playing in the background?

  • MR.M

    @MMG all i can say is u have to type out a whole chapter to defend officer ricky, its obvious ur a dickrida. But just know Officer ross still runnin on that fake shit! plus Nas an OG Boss, hes in his time to sit bak and watch these bitch niggas make money of these dumb fuks so called “hip hop heads” who listen to his repetitive bullshit, while nas spits truth…so dick ride all u want

  • Lil Weezy Fuckin’ Baby In The Bootyhole..

    @MMG stfu bitch at the end of the day yall work fo cash monayyyyy!!!! and @MR.M cosign 100000% god forgives i dont was hot GARBAGEEEE!!

  • theRough

    you homos talking about hav’s a bitch blah blah blah when ur on this site blabbering like a bunch of bitches. stop commenting on other peoples business like youre the fucking housewives of rapradar county.all i care about is if the music is good. and the music was real good. point blank .

  • JOHNYblaze

    ^^^^^^Im saying tho b theRough YOU are the one putting that thought into niggas heads……. this is a comment section for a reason and luckily NOT filled with spam and to some of us besides the music we like to have convos about hiphop. Simple as that. I know you dont only listen to music and have NEVER spoke on something outside that, on subject of rappers. Especially when it comes to such an essential group from atleast my ERA of hiphop.

  • Ummah_es_Salaam

    I mean at least he realized that was some hoe shit but if I was P I really really dont think I could forgive that shit. Hav violated twice: lying on a nigga, talking behind a nigga back and on twiiter no less. some shit designed for teenaged girls, groupies, and self absorbent mafuckas to try n feel like celebrities. Damn…a nigga grew up on the Mobb damn near and Hav did some ol fuck shit tarnishing their stamp. I mean he apologizing and shit so I mean that count for something but to slander a nigga you made a career with on that level is serious..that’s that shit if you was locked up and someone said that shit, he getting dealt wit, or on the street I’m thinking bout spilling some of your blood. be that by fist, blade, or bullet some blood probably gon get shed unless I got too much good shit goin on and I mean too much

  • Ummah_es_Salaam

    for that one dude talking bout Nas and ross first off you CANNOT compare rick ross to
    NAS ever. 2nd ross came in at a good time got on the right tracks with some good production and stayed in a glorified lane, n he aight as a rapper compared to the trash ass niggas that was coming out at his time. fuckin franchise boys, and mike jones had hits then, rich boy n shit..’06 nigga. which brings to the next point most hip hop fans of today don’t know enough about nas to respect his worth and nas very seldom, in my opinion gets some fire ass production. I think if nas was on better beats for nastradamus, god’s son, and streets disciple then more zombies woulda got on his dick. next during the time when ross came out Nas took an unpopular stance against mainstream hip hop when he dropped hip hop was dead, which was really a deep and well put together album that went over the average persons head, then he followed that up with Nigger another classic, in my opinion, that was so far left than what anybody else was putting out. as for Jay-z, he got deeper pockets than Nas. he had a better deal from the jump, then flipped that to go independent with his business partners, blew up after vol 2 came out, went on the biggest hip hop tour at that time and probably still today and got paid.. more money equals better situation, better production cuz admit or not but that’s what sells these records for the most part: the beat. Jay was getting put in there with some raw as beats from some now classic producers. Nas was fucking with trackstars and shit. but bottomline back to Nas and Ross, they in 2 different lanes. Nas for the rebels and the thinkers, the revolutionaries, and the revolutionary hood niggas, and the mafuckas that APPRECIATE TRUE hip hop. not the mafuckas who just started listening to this shit in 2000 and aint went back and did their history.

  • BigRod911

    The name of the song playing in the background is Havoc-“Be There” off the Kush album.

  • Jameek

    @BigRod911 Thanks!

  • MMG

    Thanks for the history lesson but contrary to popular belief today is a new day and a lot of people listened to hip hip well before the 2000’s this TRUE hip hop thing you refer to is a myth Nas and Ross are in the same Genre and are viewed the same way to the people that matter the most in music… Don’t make it seem like Nas hasn’t put out bullshit either remember you owe me with Ginuwine and oochie wally, Nas as been putting out albums since 94 and on wax since 91 and started the baby picture on albums that biggie and countless others have imitated like Wayne on the Carter 3 so I know his place in history… Nas hasn’t put anybody on that he really rides with besides AZ and he barely can get a feature from him, Rozay is helping people eat and he makes great music…. Nas hasn’t adapted with todays climate bottom line…that revolutionary shit is cool but you have to make hits; hip hop is a bottom line business at the end of the day. if Nas shit flops he gets dropped just like a Charles Hamilton because he’s in a business where record sales matter, Ross is co signed by just as many people that matter in the culture as Nas such as Jay-Z who has been on 3 of his last 4 albums Dre who bought him an expensive watch, Swizz Beatz, Andre 3000, Kanye West, LA Reid and even Nas so Ross is very respected as well despite all the other outside stuff fake lifestyle CO that people seem to harp on, people don’t forget the past but you can’t get stuck there like KRS 1 Method Man DMX….Nas makes ok music but he hasn’t fully adapted you can have money power and respect in hip hop, Jay Z has it Diddy has it Kanye has it Dre has it and Ross is on his way to having it not by what the silly things people who don’t have anything going on with their life say.

    • Ummah_es_Salaam

      @mmg first off you said Ross makes better music than nas, aight thats ur opinion but to me Nas has true classic albums and songs that aren’t just fad type of songs hip hop goes through phases and a classic song to me is a song that is timeless or one that captures true emotion from a period. on that level I say you can’t compare Nas to Rick Ross they are not in the same lane but like you say Nas done put out oochie wally and etc., Nas from the fucking projects so he put out a song bout stickin dick in these hoes but you can’t say that he’s that type of artist, a oocie wally type artist because he’s versatile like that, he appeals to a variety. Ross makes a certain type of music flat out. Ross gon talk bout cane, guns, money, and hoes..that’s it. erytime. NAS= one love, the world is yours, if i ruled the world, take it in blood, black girl lost, i gave you power, nas is like, we will survive, ghetto prisoners, undying love, rewind, poison, 2nd childhood, etc. etc. on & on Ross ain’t making shit like that. he telling niggas what they wanna hear not what we need to hear. A nigga can all day naming Nas power joints that was just 4 albums & I left shit out. & my nigga I’m from FLA still in this bitch and the whole FLA fucking wit Ross I’m just saying Hip HOP isnt really what we make in the south for the most part to me true hip hop is educational, it’s a book, It’s like comparing novels to comic books. Now I’m raised on all types of rap the music I fuck wit alot of niggas from up top might be like that’s that bullshit, BG was and still is my mafuckin nigga. Ridin Dirty one of my all time favorite cd’s, Coming out Hard was my shit whem my big cuzn put me on to it. All that being said the south’s music was different then, the industry is more business now mafuckas is more of a brand but ultimately the brand mafuckas is selling isn’t really positive for the culture is all I’m saying but I still listen to the shit cuz I love mafuckin rap music and yeah I fuck wit Ross but alot of that shit I cant relate too and alot of that shit I’ve outgrown. I’m thankful that I was exposed to alot of different perspectives socially and musically. but I done lived alot that shit them niggas be glorifying…my best friend got his brains blew out in front of his preganant baby momma, I been shot in my lung once, shot in my arm and grazed in my head before that, kicked in doors wit mafuckas in that bitch, been in homicide, sold drugs bought every thing from that, had cars impounded two auctioned off, went to prison, fuckin these ratchet hoes, got kids. know of a few CO’s in my city that still got they hands in the street & I ain’t 26 yet. All that being said I take alot of shit kinda personal when I know and see the effects that the culture has on the culture and I know whats good & whats not. I recognize the Malcolms from the Al Sharptons if u understand what I’m saying. I know i just vented but I feel like alot mafuckas don’t be knowing what the fuck they talking bout but that nigga Nas is something different than ur run of the mill rapper and to not recognize that I feel is travesty and a shame for my people. Hip Hop done raised and is raising a lot ppl, meaning it has influence whether subliminal or whatever but you gotta recognize what u feeding ya self.

  • sad story. black cocaine was pretty cool. hnic III and the mixtape were kinda eeehhh tho.

  • Evanflo

    you know what I’m sayin? you know what I’m sayin? you know what I’m sayin?

  • Ummah_es_Salaam

    & whoever got something to say bout the length of my shit, motherfuck ya. ain;t no rules to this shit I’m expressing my mafuckin self u don’t like it eat ya daddy’s dick

  • Real $hit

    some real shit this niggas said bout Hav & P check it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpwKKxIoz7E

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