IRS Auctions Young Buck’s Property

What the Buck? Yesterday morning, the IRS liquidated Young Buck’s property at a Nashville auction. The sale generated $53,000 with recording equipment, awards, and his 615 chain up for grabs.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Buck is scheduled to return to prison next month on a weapons violation.

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  • HYPE

    This nig needs Bane

  • WiscoFinest

    Keep your head up Buck!

    At least you didn’t buy a 3,000 empty hard drive, big homie!

  • onanigga

    Check out that little white kid bidding, what a lil hustler! He won’t end up broke like this ignorant nigger.

  • onanigga

    And lol at the nigga who lost 3000 grand on the hard drive, even with unreleased music he would only have lost 2990 hahahhhahah!

  • JustMyOpinion

    Was his tweet referring to the chain or his stage name. From what I understood, his stage was auctioned off as well.

    On another note, this shouldn’t happen to any rapper ever. I understand, you come into money and no one has ever thought you to handle your money. But, there’s no reason your items should be item off by the IRS. A person has to take more responsibility, this almost makes me question where did his money go? I know-I know stupid question.

    I think him not being released from his contract was his main issue. He should’ve taken some ropes from the L.O.X and began a self-protest.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I even heard that his “stage name” is up for auction.

  • Blaxdon

    This nigga Buck got the nerve to brag about buying his own shit back from somebody at an auction. This fuckin’ Loser!!! You keep hurting my heart buck. They were selling your shit man!!! (you don’t think the smaller house you in now is next??!!) Ain’t nothing to LOL about. ain’t shit funny. Ted is funny. Corey Holcomb is funny. My nigga you are sad/sorry. When you come home you will have nothing and still owe these IRS people money that shit is sadder than the color purple my nigga. You can’t front like you ain’t go miss your studio and hard earned possessions like I hear you. It’s just stuff. But it’s your stuff that you didn’t get rid off because you were upgrading it’s stuff you HAD to give up ’cause you owe money. You fuckin’ bum!!! I know you wish you could you could take back that night on stage. 2 years from now when you get out I’m gonna be the only old head that remembers you. There will be some new niggaz signed to Drake, Asap rocky or whoever. Damn Buck—– Most importantly you lost what little respect you had man. They shooting at you in the street,selling your shit to whoever, locking you up. But you gonna tweet “LOL” Nigga I don’t know when it happened but you are an LOL. Fuck out of here. Only person who ain’t never heard of behind the music

  • WestCoast

    broke asssss niggaaa

  • The Truth

    Yeah right Buck you didn’t buy that chain back, this should be a lesson to rappers who go overboard with the stunting, I thought niggas learned after Hammer when he went broke and bought that damn sickly horse, he must have thought he was gonna win the Kentucky Derby!!!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Young Buck was living beyond your means. Prime example kids don’t spend $$$ on stuff you really dont need and KEEP track of your $$$.

  • stop

    let this be a warning to all you chain wearing wack broke rappers

  • y’all are little bit uninformed to be speaking so candidly. if you sign up with a company and their accountants handle everything; you HAVE to file taxes through that company. If you’re at odds with that company; they can simply withhold W forms and you can’t file taxes properly.

    I’m not saying this to stick up for buck; i’m saying it because people who think everything is simple and bad things can’t happen to them are the ones stuff like this ALWAYS happens to. This music biz has hundreds of layers.

    Takes more than being good at monopoly and regurgitating generic financial wisdom to maintain wealth

  • co

    Co sign Blaxdon

  • Devante

    I can’t feel sorry for him.. He seen more money then I’ll ever see in my life time and he fucked it up living fast.

  • Black Shady

    Saddest thing i’ve seen in hip hop in a longgggggg time……..

  • Evil

    This nigga truly fucked his career up.
    You went from touring the world,having groupies & selling millions of copies with G-unit to a broke bum who gets shot at,locked up and gets his shit sold off on auction and.How the fuck it got to this Buck?
    Then you brag about buying your shit back? *facepalm*
    They selling your personal shit to the highest bidder my nigger.
    And dont come here saying you bought it back,you broke son.You only try to save face.

  • HYPE

    Ya’ll hear about that bitch ass New york mayor saying he’d like if cops collectively came together and refused to protect american citizens until all of our guna are confiscated?? There is a new york law stating we can’t strike when to me it seems the cops would be striking against us

  • HYPE


  • Full Force

    At the end of the day its a sad situation, and the dude who paid $3g’s for the empty hard drive cause he thought he was gonna make a “bank roll” of unrealesed Jay-Z , i mean young buck songs is an idiot

  • Nesio

    The next Mc Hammer ladies & gentlemen!..
    so sad, this dude use to be one of the top dogs of the south, i bumped his tracks back in middle school and some of high school.
    G-Unit fell off haaaaard. Banks still doing it, but i can see him just being a mixtape rapper

  • Huil Lu Kim

    So he think he got over the IRS by buying something he’d already paid for, which then depreciate probably by 80% by now, and he happy for that?


  • Huil Lu Kim

    Man, 50 means it when he says “when you destroy destroy completely.”
    No way one can tell me this would’ve happened if he was still with G-Unit.

  • mothAfuckingPrince

    lmao. he spent his last money on a fucking chain ? hes literally a IRS slave now

  • windycityg72

    Game is next his ass is going broke

  • RC

    The worst part of this story is how the IRS hustled dude who bought that hard drive.

    Kinda funny tho.

  • Cam

    Meanwhile Tony Yayo is sitting in his air conditioned mansion & Lloyd Banks is overseas on tour..While 50 is trying too take over boxing & The Game is knocking out random rappers. smh

  • Master CHeef

    that was an absolutely scathing comment which had me literally laughing out loud.

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  • Mars

    Who’s Tony Yayo? What’s Lloyd Banks?…is it better than Wells Fargo and Bank of America?

  • Vonna100

    Well said, Blaxton, well said. We keep wondering why our net worth as a people is so low (yes, even Hispanics are richer than us). But we keep making the same financial mistakes over & over, and we never look at ourselves in the mirror. We never ask, “Why did I sign that lousy contract?”, “Did I even READ my contract?”, “Why am I taking these people’s advice? Are they even looking out for me, or looking to take from me?”, “Who am I trying to impress, why, and is it even worth it?”, or —the BIG question—-“What motivates me to do what I do? My mama? My friends / haters? My need to feel like I matter, b/c I’m not sure if I really matter 2 myself?”

    We’re never gonna win by blaming —the manager, producer, accountant, IRS, groupies, Mama, etc…
    At the end of the day, it’s OUR NAME signed on the paperwork.No one puts a pistol to our head. We need to THINK before sign our lives away!!!! My $0.02. Luv, Vonna.

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