• Slice Bread

    CLASSIC !!!!! *has eargasm*

  • Will

    Undeniable right here. Niggas can’t hate on this

  • klastino55

    50 cent has a potential top 5 hit… welcome back 🙂

  • Slice Bread

    i dare a motherfucker to hate on this track. CLASSIC!

  • Black Shady

    Uh oh…………….Dre said: ”me and Fif back at it” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its a problem.

    50 back haterrrrrrrrrrs!

  • hot and about to explode.. it’s great to hear dre,50 back to the level we all have been waiting for…thanks and much needed in the game.

  • Ricky Retardo

    good record, weak verse.

  • McGriff

    this is dope man

  • gunit

    FIREEEEEEE 50 the king


    This shit fire right here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m confused because keys’ version been out solo so is this an official song
    Loch Spaz Out Apache Cafe Live Show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J32kt0gpn-U

  • z7ra_Vv

    Nice positive radio friendly song

  • Cali760

    Burger King sounds good right now.

  • INeed$

    WOW this is HOT!!!! 50 is doin it big I can see this song on NFL Newtork or ESPN dope!!!

  • kikri

    Bye Bye Rozay

  • County Of Kings

    haha rick ross drops his dr. dre featured track, few days later, 50 follows suit……….ehhh dr. dre is wack atleast jayz made me listen to ross track. why do i wanna hear this?

    by the way alicia keys had the best verse!!!

  • Frank Kennedy

    I don’t like when other people do 50s hooks. I’ll be rooting for this to succeed though. Not my type of shit.

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Yepp! Fif got him one! Def. buying this one off iTunes when it drops! STAY IN THIS LANE FIF! PLEASE DON’T MESS UP!

  • Catch up niggas

    So 50 have to buy out an Alicia Keys single now to drop a hit, she already dropped hers.

    Formula 50, buy a hit, tack a verse, tack a dre… catch up niggas.

  • windycityg72


  • hxxvaz

    Is the track produced by dre or swizz beatz ?

  • Will

    Jay did same with empire state of mind catch up stop hatin

  • Royalty of this shyt!


  • dmc

    dem effects #Eminem

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @Catch up niggas. Shut your mouth troll ! Dr. Dre gave a William a wack for GFID hahaha. FIF i see you homie.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis


  • when I thought this was Alicia Keys record, I thought it was dope!

    Now with Dre. and 50 on it its still hot, but i think the version with JUST Alicia was better.

    50’s verses were just average, nothing to run home about.

    This is the perfect single for 50 though. Probably the best lead off single he has had off an album SINCE “IN DA CLUB”

    this is better than

    candy shop
    amusement park
    Baby My Me

  • Blaxdon

    @slice bread -I’ll give it a shot—–When the fuck did Fif start doing Gospel music??!! This is from a genuine g-unit fan. But this is not the flavor for me yeah I said it. Alicia Keys has an incredible voice but she phoned in this chorus. Dr. Dre I’ll say you have the biggest house of a rapper I have ever seen (online from an Ariel shot of course), that being said. Unless it’s from Detox ( and dope enough to show you still have passion for the art) you can honestly go fuck yourself. Go somewhere and fall asleep. Niggaz in paris is will still start a party.Mercy just went platinum in this day and age. I know he’s Dr. Dre but the rule still applies your only good as your last shit and well…Fif you my nigga…so I’ll just say I liked (O.J, and complicated) and what your doing for Africa is great but… you need to find the new definition of 50 Cent. Because it looks like Nas and Kanye will be the only hip hop people I will be spending money on this summer. I am willing to buy your music if something speaks to me but it is not looking good Ferrari. I agree Stephen a smith though, you need to go ahead and make that Manny Pacquio and Floyd Mayweather fight happen. This is not your summer either my nigga

  • Blaxdon

    And I was listening to this with some Beats by Dr. Dre on still don’t like the single

  • WestCoast

    50cen Ft Dre Ft Alicia_New Day produced by dre & swizz and mixed by Eminem

  • wow this is great. put this on itunes man make it a hit

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman


  • Slice Bread

    @Blaxdon DO I SPOT A TROLL?

  • Catch up niggas

    Anyone that disagrees is a Troll?

    Get the fuck outta here hatin on haters hatin ass niggas.

  • I couldn’t even listen to 5 seconds of this garbage.

  • BillionAire

    Dope, I Think This Is A Good Look For Fif.
    Best Lead Off Single He’s Had Since His First.

  • JL


  • Blaxdon

    Yeah lol. I got a couple days off guilty as charged. Take one to know one though

  • mane

    Damn fire fire 50 back nigga hide

  • PistolPistol

    Drums remind me of “toy soldiers”

    Dope! Def. a radio track

  • gof

    Best track 2012

  • Blaxdon

    single still wack though

  • Huil Lu Kim

    New Day>>>>> 3 Kings.

    Haters conform now.

    Welcome back 50 Cent.

  • gof


  • frank

    damn best song of the year haters cry cry cry bitches

  • troncity

    this dont sound mixed right. also sounds incomplete like a reference track. maybe i gotta listen a few more times

  • drakE

    I used to be a hater, but I have to admit it… this is a hit, congrats 50 !!!


  • teejay

    Sounds good to me.

  • frank

    50 put this fast on itunes fast we have a hit here

  • Yup !



    OR IM HEARING THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    HA !

  • mane

    So so feeling this shat damn 50 cent you really made a come back congrats

  • frank

    hmmmm were them haters at were are you 50 you got money promote shat out off this

  • NEM

    Thumbs up!

  • wap

    Maybach Music 4 >>>>>>New day

    Sixteen feat andre 3k>>>>>>New Day

    3 Kings>>>>>> New Day

    Ross wins again musically 50 cant compete with Ross Business wise yes but not musically he might sell more but Ross sounds better

  • frank

    @wap new day greater than the full album

  • Chise

    Hater Proof….best 50 single in YEARS

  • DoleMic

    Yeah the mix aint right on this & i’m listening to this shit out my Rokitmy 8’s & I aint even turn my sub on. Also the bars aren’t anything special from Dre or Fif. It’s over for 50 as far as being THAT NIGGA ever again, a sad day cuz I was actually a G-Unit fan. Now as far The Unit goes I just fuck with LAZY Lloyd musically but his grind aint shit so he prolly won’t ever be THAT NIGGA.

  • dee

    dis is ok dont dick ride not no top 5 hit

  • bry from boston


  • deez

    *shuts off after a minute and a half*

  • Micah

    this really is a big song, complete song, on some eminem inspirational type shit
    And alicia has her version, 50 has his plenty artists have done it

  • mane

    Hate all you like this song will murder 3 kings on the charts

  • Steve, Scotty & Evan

    Eminen killed the production. 50 u got a #1 hit here boss

  • Black Shady

    If they drop a video for this….EXPECT IT TO BE PLAYED EVERYWHERE!!!!

    Hate all u want. Its just a matter of time before this shit blows the fuck up

  • Ummah_es_Salaam

    Maaaan I aint even listen to this song yet but that nigga P just snapped on the booth 106 n park shit..brought me back to 98-99 2000 when I was in middle school hooked on that mobb shit…irks me when ppl dont mention Prodigy and mobb deep’s relevance and greatness enough..too many ppl hopped on jay’s dick after the takeover. but that first hnic was that real…cant complain, three am, keep it thoro, never feel my pain, ybe, etc…that joint with his baby mom, etc. hell on earth, the infamous whole albums song for song classic shit, murda muzik whole album…I be wondering if they’ll ever get their just do or at least P, havoc too for production, n would we even know the alchemist if it wasnt for them, shout out to the alchemist..im just sayin that was good music then n i was just a young nigga

  • Huil Lu Kim

    @DoleMic says: “i

  • Ummah_es_Salaam

    aight listen real shit…DR fuckin dre need to quit fuckin rapping..the first chronic was classic in more ways than one but mostly because of his production. but that was twenty years ago everybody aint esco, as for the song it was a good song, guess u can call it positive, years from now I can imagine hearing this during a commercial when they find a cure for herpes or some shit, or at the end of some show that comes on cw but yeah it’s a good song…wont be in my whip..but its a good song

  • hazz

    So let me get this straight Dre is fine with his verses on this and 3 Kings but pumps the breaks on Detox? And Hov and Ye did New Day on watch the throne fif still a boss tho.

  • V.S

    i dare someone to hate on this.

    ppl need to open their eyes, and realize 50 still makes potent, great music.

  • em watching, dre watching, my son watching, losing ain’t an option for me. 50 cent

  • thats what im talking about

    damn… real shit. this is a fuckin HIT. no exaggeration. this has multiple elements that are gonna give this song some good shine. It has a good vibe, production is banging and almost has a big comeback kinda sound with with those marching snares and the piano. Sounds like a perfect way to get his new album started. Real dope! Plain and simple. “Joy wouldn’t be so good if it wasn’t for pain”. He had go to thru the b.s. to come back to his good shit. it is what it is. And as far as people buying other people tracks or whatever. That is common practice in the game. U’d be surprised how many of your favorite songs were other peoples tracks. What yall need to realize is where the great artists take these songs that don’t move much but have potential. Congrats.

    I wanna hear this hit on the fuckin radio before i hear another meaningless piece of garbage excused as music.

    Yeeeeeeeeea Buddy.

  • windycityg72

    50 & Banks droppin heat ! now they just need to come back together!

  • thats what im talking about

    oh yeah by the way. Empire state of mind was somebody elses song first. Just like that it had potential. But where Alicia Keys and Hov took it is undeniable. Hopefully that’ll be the case for this song as well.


  • Jaymalls

    Lmao… U got the same nigga posting comments with different names? Hahaha Niggas is lames! This stans need to stay on ThisIs50. Jay-Z’s “Empire State” was HIS track first… Then Alicia made here own version with a more mellow beat! Same with Eminem for “Love The Way You Lie”

    Alicia Keys’ version sounds way better and more organic in my opinion!

  • ElSkool

    This shit mad corny, this sound like 50 buying alicia single and is just remixing it with a weak verser

  • thats what im talking about

    Track was mixed by Eminem. Swizz Beatz produced the joint.

  • Tysonz

    This Song sound like Alicia’s song not 50. This is GAY and not Cool Gay like Frank Ocean

  • thats what im talking about

    AW MAN 50 stay losing He needs to stick to the SK energy shots and leave da rap game alone.

  • Evan

    It’s okay. Fans will like it, but its no surprise chart topper.

  • GAVIN88

    THIS SOUNDS LIKE Some B.O.B crap.
    50’s has been suckin since he let YOUNG BUCK go.



  • David

    I don’t know why people hating. Maybe its because they know its going too be played on radio over & over & over & over again, till they hate it. idk. its a nice song tho.

  • david

    fantastic, just amazing, !!!

  • WACK only because i know for a fact this was alicia’s song first and they just added 50 & dre verses so 50 can now claim it as his own. pretty slick though. Swizz’ beat & alicia’s vocals>>> .dre & 50

  • WACK only because i know for a fact this was alicia’s song first and they just added 50 & dre verses so 50 can now claim it as his own. pretty slick though. Swizz’ beat & alicia’s vocals>>> .dre & 50

  • shadyz

    I don’t hate him anymore…
    one of the best songs of 2012, respect !

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @ultrakid. Is that time of the month for you?

  • Zeer4x

    summer song, HOT

  • Ummmma

    OMG, fire Curtis, FIRE FIRE FIRE

  • the truth

    this is DOPE. lol at rick ross i bet hes cryin now hahaha

  • buking

    1. all these dre features, im thinking dre scraped detox again, and these were songs from it.

    2. i love dre, but he was never a good rapper, looks better on paper then actually sounds… featuring him on a single is questionable.

  • @Artise1

    The Shift is here. You can’t stop the General.


    this is weak..

  • Ukat

    great song, one of the best of the year…

    what are 50’s albums ? discovering him

  • Mischief

    Alicia’s vocals were leaked. Wasn’t her song.

  • fastflipper


  • this is a dope song,…

  • DoleMic

    @Huil Lu Kim

    ROFL. You lames slay me.

    1st: I don’t gotta lie about shit.
    2nd: take my dick out you’re mouth.
    3rd: Tell DJ Quik & Pharrell & other top acts to stop using them & I MAY think about getting financially raped for “better” quality studio monitors.

  • mario

    I hate this, and I’m one of the biggest G-unit fans ever i got every album twice over but i don’t know about this garbage.

  • Wacka

    “Now my question is who they gone blame when I’m back number one on the billboard again?”


  • bee


  • Uhhh…

    Its okay, but yall actin like its empire state of mind pt 2. SMH not even close, let alone top 5 of the year.

  • DJ Game

    Amazing! He’s talking the Eminem approach to this now.

  • zooe

    definitely better than Empire state of mind in my opinion.

    Going to download 50’s albums right now,


  • RedRocBoy

    Let’s go FiF. You got one family.

  • Bmjac

    This song is on itunes next week. If it were Alicias record it would already be there, Did she pull a rapper move and leak his track? You go girl! But this shit is hotter!

  • Probably the “happiest” song this nigga ever did, that wasn’t talking about bitches. This the direction he should’ve been going in, instead of trying to duplicate GRODT for a bunch of niggas who won’t buy it anyway

  • darkknoght

    niggs was laughn at 50 not they praise him??????? its ok at best radio play like a drake song

  • Dee

    who’s gonna miss Nastia Liukin at the Olympic Games?

  • Jay Jones


  • Akuma

    not bad….but not as good as fif stans claim it to be

  • sms

    Banks V6 is fire

    Summer Hits…

  • M.T

    song isnt bad but is this nigga so desperate for a hit that he would take Alicia’s song? smh

  • the truth


  • Cruel Thing

    I’m feelin this track. To be honest Dr Dre wasn’t really needed on this track, 50 had a nice flow and Dre just kind of stuck out. Dope track regardless

  • Tru Talk

    Congratulations to 50 Cent… You have ur self a hit… Only people hating on this are Snitch cop Lovin Officer Ricky Bullshit Fans…. #GUNIT STILL MAKIN REAL HIP HOP

  • Infamous Paradine

    QUEENS STAND UP!!!!! Every Niggah in the Projects gnna be bumpin this for the rest of 2012!! THis that shit Im talkin bout DUN DUN!!

  • ShitLikeThisKillsHipHop

    damn this shit mayne produced by Dre mixed by Em plus with 50 and A.Keys sings the hooks mayne this shit is gold right here yes GOLD damn i will enjoy this pretty much in my car and it cant go wrong with “me and Fif back in dis bitch”

  • 85

    the Doc say ‘It’s a wrap’ (“It’s a wrap, nigga”)

  • ?

    it was neverr alicias song . the alicia keys part was a teaser so people can get an idea of what it was like

  • Azul

    This track is fiyaaaaaaa!!!!

  • darkknoght

    ya dis an anthem gonna be all over the olimpics an comercials n movies dam killed the summer with one hit u mad me 2

  • ShitLikeThisKillsHipHop

    The Dark Knight Rises—–AKA 50CENT!!!!!

  • Omega Supreme

    I like this shit.

  • Luke

    Fresh!! nice one 50

  • mothAfuckingPrince

    New Day sounds great. Rick ross bs doesn’t.

  • Los

    Empire State was Alicia’s track too, until Jay got on it. it’s a marketing gimmick, stop being bitches and STFU.

  • Evil

    50s verses are weak as hell.I can understand why he did a song with Keys though,he needs a nr 1 single and her hook will make sure all the radio softies will fall in love with this.50 cents album is called Street King Imortal and his first single is a soft radio tune.Sad

  • Los

    Evil, isn’t it great we all have our own opinions? 😀

    we’ll find out which opinion rings truer when the radio spin stats start coming through

  • frank

    even 50 cent haters has to admit this is a big hit

  • cuff’em

    nice song, my thing with ya’lll is that a month or so back when the leak dropped with just Alicia keys ya’ll the same niggas who said this was weak and swizz is falling off because of the beat, but now that its 50 cent single, its “fiyah”, “song of the summer”, LMAO

  • Jeezy

    fuck 50 nigga

  • NEM


  • BlackDivine

    this isnt my kinda 50 song (street) but this is a 50 Hit (radio)

  • MadeMan

    This is a hot track

    It’s a shame someone leaked Alicia’s solo early

    Typical RR 50 cent post and it’s covered up and not even in the top 5 posts

    I don’t know why i bother coming this this site

  • kayandgee

    its good but not emphatic, got potential tho i wanna hear more tracks i dont really trust 50s music at the moment, haha ,but much better than recent singles

  • Jdub

    cant hate… dre and 50 are magic in the studio


    you can’t hate on this!!!! it’s sr8 firrrrreeeeeeeee!!!!!

  • Reality

    Ashton Martin Music is better than this, real talk.

  • Reality

    Astin Martin too lol



  • whatyourproblem

    this is crazy.

    great track

  • This just in

    Pusha T dissing Ace Hood not Drake….You signed to one nigga that signed to another Explainnigga
    That’s signed to three niggas, now that’s bad luck.

  • Realniggashit

    I think this is the same track 50 and dre did for detox. Dre gave it to Alicia and 50 spanking Interscope with releasing this song.

  • STFU.

    Definitely, not ‘In da club’. Not hating, just stating.

  • mane

    Shat on repeat lol

  • 85

    not even a top5 post .. now aint’ dat a bitch .. rapradar stays sucking dick ….

  • Akofteam80ty

    song is dope as fuck, and im guessing lame ass niggas aint never heard of a reference track

  • Akofteam80ty

    its always been a 50 track, and when she did this with Jay, nobody said shit, so get off ya period lil bitches ha ha ha.. you mafuckas make me laugh

  • young gunna

    the alici9a keys version is produced by swizz beatz and 50’s version is produced by dre.. listen to them both and notice the difference. the production on 50’s version is much better than the swizz beatz version…50 got a hit.

  • Lovee it. Glad to see the Dr back in itt. And fif gettin back to his old style

  • dll32

    [email protected] for ‘stronger than an ox – mentally’ dumbest line I’ve heard in a while…

  • @ country of kings I would have to agree with you, Alicia Keys’ verse is the best. Its a pretty good song.

  • Tru Talk

    I love J. Cole but is truly comical how Rap Radar hates on 50 Cent and puts J. Cole as the number 1 post when 50 has more traffic and more comments on his new single New Day… Rap Radar quit hating and Fuck your mans Officer Ross…. NEW DAY = CLASSIC

  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic

    wheres em, lol?

  • why yall on this song? whats so special about this shit..beat does not match the lyrical content

  • sorry had to post again but this shit is fucking garbage you niggas must be from the burbs

  • or yo ears are full of earwax..

    • Ummah_es_Salaam

      @ wtf I’ve been reading the comments thinking similar shit. like is this what mafuckas want for real? I mean the shit is positive and all, but damn for real? I was thinking these comments are part of a conspiracy or some shit. if this is what ppl want then hip hop done got sad. sell out type shit ppl calling this shit classic and shit. seriously? I feel like common wit used to love h.e.r. Yawl mafuckas killin my hip hop…straight up

  • this is hip hop nice and positive, WTF IS THIS u must b young and dumm

  • yallstoooooooopid

    u guys hating are a bunch of fuckin idiots. ur the same muthafukers that don’t support hip hop. always complaining like a stupid bitch. like a stupid bitch.

    shut the fuck up and listen to the music.

    it’s dope. for what it is. u can’t please everybody. if u want that rider shit, he gots that too. some of u muthafukers r so picky and shit. and i forgot u guys are all critics. GO MAKE SOME FUCKIN MUSIC that you think should be made then you dumb fucks.

    REGARDLESS. this is a dope ass track. get ya ears and ass cleaned u dumbfucks.

  • Yooo

    New Day >>>>>> Three Kings

  • weedhead

    its cool for a radio track. but aint really feelin the flow or lyrics.. since i heard alicia keys single b4 this it seems kinda wack for it to be this song.. i thought fif could do a hit in 30 minutes.. he must have so many beats sent to him… cant be dat hard right? but yeah not hatin on this but damn man

  • killy

    all you rozay fans are as fake as rozay is , your kind of people infiltrating rap and turning it into a fucking joke , fuck da police , when bein fake is accepted , it brings along a whole lotta fake mother fuckers along with it , young money and MMG are there for all to see how fake rap has gone and is gettin even more fake by the day , real mcs only please!! and if all these fake mcs are bein accepted and hailed into the game , atleast make ur lies and raps interesting with gd word play not role play.





  • Dre killed Fif on this one!

  • andthenidied

    Joint hot bt we need bonteco, childish g, n katy perry for the line up… Fuk thses old ass mufukass

  • andthenidied

    Joint hot bt we need bonteco, childish g, n katy perry for the line up

  • Like it or not this is gonna be everywhere http://bit.ly/ijQWPi

  • subboat

    This song is great!!

    And wtf at all those god forgives banners jesus

  • i just don’t get exacty what about this song is actually good..if alicia keys han’t already layed down her vocals and shit (cuz this was her song) this song would of have been complete trash, lmao i could picture them having like akon or jerimih singing the hook…either way another soft ass “insperational” cheesy ass record from the interscope/aftermath/shady team…just do not do that with the black hippy album…do not fuck their shit up with you’re retarded ideas..

  • its sounds just as cheesy as empire state, but you’re not jay z and you’re not having the label pay damn near every radio station in the company to play your song..

  • country*****

  • @subboat if god forgives i dont sells gold, or more first two weeks its complete horseshit, none of the singles he has released thus far are garnering him any attention, and people are saying the album was complete trash, so officer william is slowly dying down..he’s gonna hafta come up with another beat formula other then the same stupid shit hes been doing since bmf… like yeh the beats is cool my dude but u should rap about you’re football scholarship and how hard life was in the prison complex keeping all you’re prisoners in check..

  • william roberts is nothingggggg without robert williams , right now…

  • everything in hip hop is too organized too planned out, non spontaneous like it used to be, shit just aint real no more everyone more focuses on twitpicin and what not and throwing stacks from the labels at strippers, i can go on but im pretty sure everyone knows exactly what i mean, i.e love and hip hop, love and hip hop atlanta, games “reality show”, its more like it’s SO SATURATEDDDDD***!!!!

  • NEM

    Not #1 yet on Rapradar yet? Well, I guess they were right about “Ross-radar”….

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