Behind The Scenes: Keyshia Cole x Lil Wayne “Enough Of No Love”

Before the video premieres Wednesday, here’s how it all went down on the set. The audio‘s pretty groovy, and it looks like video director Benny Boom’s concept behind it is perfect. We’ll let him tell it.

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  • JOHNYblaze

    Is this nigga wayne 35 yet??? LOL retire already, i bought my first wayne album at 12 block is hot and now almost 25 this dude has sickened me the past few years already. I dont get his purpose of rapping. Go retire wayne, and fuck mad bitches and let them have your babies, rather that than polluting my damn free radio stations.

  • JOHNYblazeSucksDix

    You’re a tool bag. go play in traffic

  • Black Shady

    lil wayne feature??? is it still 2007……wayne aint killin those features no more

  • edison

    damm this nigga is mad ugly and if you think hes good looking fuck you

  • YunG based god

    “tunechi baby” is the wackest rapper in the game right now

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis
  • BN Vs YN

    Wayne washed up he can’t save your career

    All about them features from 2 chainzzzzz

  • uhhhhhhhh sigh uhhhhh

    I liked more Keyshia when she still had that lil gap in her teeth…..
    and @yung based…’re absolutely right! lil weezy was dope (carter 1&2 n the mixtapes from that time) after that he started to lose me n now he’s completely lost me…..this lil tunechi guy is horrible, he’s definitely got wayyyyyyy too many yes-men and too many “friends” that are only around to get $$ from him….they won’t tell their boss that he’s corny now, they want them checks to keep coming in nahmean…and lil wayne aka tunechi’s music has suffered from that…..
    When your heads so high in the clouds, while you’re on your high horse theres no way you can keep yaself grounded….humility has left…along with the skill (maybe, JUST MAYBE those ghostwriting rumors were true….maybe he should call Gillie back up)
    until then expect more “its tunechi baby, eat that pussy______, taste that pussy____, *insert “punchline that has nothing to do with verse or song” here*, blood this n blood that, trukfit something, annoying laugh, young mulaaaaa bayyyyybeeeeeee”
    ahahahahhaha this guy is a joke now, how sad ahahahah

  • uhhhhhhhh sigh uhhhhh

    ^^^ *I liked keyshia more*

  • london


  • SpaceGhostBlacc

    @uhhhhhh sigh uhhhhhhhh

    So you write a whole paragraph on a rapper that you don’t like anymore lmao?

    Normally when I come across an article about a rapper i don’t like, I just keep going #justsaying

  • YunG based god

    @spaceghostblacc it was definitely necessary for people who used to be fans and have been greatly dissapointed by what this man has become

  • uhhhhhhhh sigh uhhhhh

    ^^…..I came to see/check out Keyshia Cole, and he was in the video… I wrote some thoughts out. sorry I don’t do things how YOU would do them, smh, cuz god knows Im dying for YOUR approval…

    btw when I see someone do something I wouldn’t do….I just let’em be, instead of tryna be a internet etiquette coach

    #justsaying (this aint twitter)

    sooo next time you see someone doing something you dont like “just keep going” or don’t, who cares ITS THE FUCKING INTERNET

  • uhhhhhhhh sigh uhhhhh

    @yung based…..yup, honestly disappointing aint the half, he had mad potential….and that shit came n went smh….oh well, theres other dope emcee’s out here

  • YunG based god

    ^TRUU very upsetting that he’s beyond past his prime but at least alot of great hip hop albums/mixtapes have been dropping these past couple of years and is its going to continue

  • YunG based god

    and it’s going to continue*