• JustMyOpinion

    Rappers always reference an unbelievable “check.” And, I forever questioned how much was it worth for you to SWITCH your entire style. In other words, when you first picked up a mic and chased the dream of rapping in front of millions; did you ever think at the beginning “I am chasing, working this hard, so I can someday get a “check” and forever change what I once dreamt of.” And if you wanted to be the pop star that you are, why not pick another genre of music why rap (emphasis) music. Ughhhh the questions these groupie interviewers should ask they never do. We need more journalist (interviewers) not biased ones, who are hardcore fans and don’t want to offend the “artist.” Where’s Star and Bucwild when you need them? Shade45 need to make that happen.

  • Huil Lu Kim

    2012 is the year where rappers either collab with 50 or confess their inner fans of him?

  • london

    I didn’t even know nelly was still alive , i know his career is not

  • Nelly is one my favorit rappers of all time

  • Jdub

    I agree I honestly thought he died

  • Black Shady

    LOL Nelly basically admited that he sold out on his first record hahahahahahaha damn son