• gunit


  • chuck taylor

    Stick to producing

  • daffysci


  • mike

    cudi did his thing on this

    hit was coo

    nice smooth beat tho


  • andthenidied


  • lord of the underground

    Good stuff

  • Micah

    man idk i just dont feel anything behind the flow of hitboy, Cudi did his thing.

  • andthenidied

    Nvm honestly I jus clicked play.. Best straight tho. Cudder still cudder

  • you bloggers don’t ever tell the truth… or maybe you think you’re telling the truth but you’re such ho ass niggas that you don’t realize that it’s all bullshyt. this song sucks. real talk.

  • Andrew

    cudi is back!!!

  • BhaneBihh

    Dhis was smooth af Good Music

  • The Real

    CUDI !

  • M.T

    Hit-Boy>that Ne-yo looking ass nigga B.dot be cosigning

  • This should be called a homage to outkast rosa parks

  • Cruel Thing

    Song is hot, Cudi really shined on this one but Hit-Boy had nice bars

  • poetic assasin

    this shit on repeat – respect. wasnt feelin the jayz track but this shit is lovely

  • Just because you CAN write rhymes, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. His flow is pedestrian and doesn’t hit on any topics we can get elsewhere and better at that. It’s too bad that nobody in the G.O.O.D./Rocnation camp will be real with this cat and tell him to stick to producing. I’d even be up for him heavily executive producing someone else’s album, almost like a Premier/Group Home type deal.

  • Big Red

    That beat is nice but hit boy sounds pretty generic. The hook is cool tho but cudder puts on the shine

  • Cudi Always been here. Fire


    No lie…Shits pretty good. Cdddi makes it shine brighter tho. Who knows if hit boy sticks to this…
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  • young

  • @tshiamofs

    I miss this type of KiD CuDi music. Hit-boy doesn’t move me at all.Dope hook and beat is dope.

  • Daniel

    Hahahahahahahaha, Cudi Is better than ANY ‘Rapper’ that gets played on the radio. Track is Dope.

  • the brain trust

    I agree with most of the previous comments.

    Although the track is pretty nice, Hit Boy is an extremely ordinary MC (subject matter wise).

    Dope producer though.

  • I was hoping cudi spit and didnt sing the hook..nice
    This is dope !!

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  • whatever

    only here for cudi and he did his thinggggg

  • MR.M

    cudi did cudi…but overall tha song is ehh…

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  • abovetheclouds

    I wasn’t a fan of Hit Boy’s rapping but i actually like his style/voice on this joint. it reminds of me an old school MC. The lyrical content is whatever but its decent overall. clap for em.

  • I think he rushing it but I rock with him tho

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