• Maybach W

    My Homies Still?


    Wiz finally go in on a verse. + Project Pat Instant Download

  • Sick! like it

  • David

    I hate the beat. Wiz got off tho. Best verse I heard from dude in a minute.

  • Rajon chrondo

    not that odd of a pairing since pat is juicy j’s older brother. thats probably how they linked up

  • Lg

    This was sick, Wiz been jamin lately. Hope all these free tracks ain’t on ONIFC though want new shit we haven’t heard. Do appreciate the smooth jams tho

  • wiz always kills and i downloaded this jam from newjams dot net

  • I fux with Project Pat’uh…. #DOPE

  • Real Talk

    Project Pat sounded like Nicki Minaj

  • Yoo

    same tired ass project pat sound.