• onenutned

    Murdered it! fuck Ye’s verse.

  • Dame

    Yea Diggy did it on em

  • Truu

    Whoa! Son went in.

  • Lethargic1

    People need to stop sleeping on Diggy. He’s gonna be a problem in a few years.

  • Showboat

    Not Bad. Pusha’s verse still better

  • andthenidied

    Didn’t j cole kill ths nigga career with silence? BONTECO the only young nigga tht could hold ths rap thin down…

  • andthenidied

    AFCJ da real jetsetters

  • yo

    Body bag. Good stuff Diggy.


    Diggy is a problem!

  • lord of the underground

    Dude got talent, alot of mainstream grown men dont even got that

  • Jaymalls

    How this Lil faggot always getting these exclusive instrumentals before everybody else??? First it was Drake’s “Over,” then Jay-Z’s “A Star Is Born,” now this??? Kanye don’t even release his instrumentals… I guess being Russel Simmons nephew has it’s perks.

  • Frontrunner

    Get em Diggy…get em.

  • slckvck

    not bad

  • “Im from the era of The Lox, Cam, Biggie, that real shit/ Now im stuck with Diggy and Lil Twist” – Al Doe