Wiz Khalifa Previews O.N.F.I.C.

Before the arrival of his sophomore set on August 28, Wiz gives MTV a first class seat with sneak peak of the album. Below he explains what we can expect lyrically.

“I get pretty personal on there, it’s like a reflection of me and where I’m at right now. I feel like I did that the best way without getting too preachy or going too deep to the point where I lost anybody. I kept it all in the same playing field so it makes sense. I said, ‘I’m put here to take care of the family, but how was I supposed to know/ If I don’t take care of myself huh, then how am I supposed to grow.’ It’s simple, but it means a lot, and anybody who works their ass off will understand and be like, ‘Man, the dude is talkin’ some sh–.”

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  • IIG

    Looking forward to the album.

  • real-talk

    He will be lucky if this album drops before December let alone 2012.

  • Kasha

    i want to see what he does with this second album..
    LEBRON new movement N.A.H.A. (Negros Against Hairline Abuse)

  • Commenting Carl

    This dude is really starting to look like snoop for real or should i say John E Depth Jr
    just playin… naw I fucks with wiz though.

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  • andthenidied

    Wiz for president! CHIlDISH G for vice !!! BONTECO still killn it

  • superlabel

    this album gonna be a hit

  • King Chandler

    “I kept it all in the same playing field”…..In other words every single song will involve trees, champagne, and catching flights with production that severely outshines the lyrics. Call me a hater if anything I stated is wrong.

  • only reason i could listen to this guy is cause he always has some real good production, he works with actual musicians and nerds and shit, like dude actuallymakes melodic shit not just organized noise, sometimes its not all about the crazyness of the bars..its how you make the bars work..

  • Lg

    can’t wait for this!

  • TY

    its o.n.i.f.c. ..stands for ‘only nigga in first class’ ..all the blogs have that mistake, but that cuz we in the ‘copypaste’ blogging age ..smh

  • chuck taylor

    This will shit on rolling papers tbh


    I hope he goes back to that smooth shit tho. I’m talkin Kush and OJ!!!

  • PolarBearsToenails

    Yo Big Homie – “peak” is like the apex of a mountaintop and shit. “Peek” is a little look, sneak preview. You a blogger son – tighten up that spelling game

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