• Khalifa

    Doooooope LOSO!! NICEEEEE. SICK beat too

  • Marko-V

    Stick with the winning formula huh? Fab is one of the best rappers in the game however his method of working strikes me as contrived and nonartistic. No hate tho jus look at the track record and see how Fab offers nothin new and jus adapts his style to stick around the rap game. Make money however you can however when you posess talent like Fab you should be encouraged to push the envelope instead of delivering the same carbon copy songs.



  • diggin the song but i heard it first on newjams net

  • @donricoesq

    Im now avoiding any song that has any combination of Frenchie, Wale, Mill on it cuz its all the same song…you can cut and paste any verse Nd switch them with almost anyof their collabo tracks and its the same thing over andover


    Man this is soooooooo damn repetitive. It’s good but the same songs repeated over and over again…damn. Hope these rappers step it up soon.

  • Blogger

    @Marko-V Fab is my
    Favorite artist and I totally agree with that comment …

  • dee

    so why is he your fav artist then idiot

  • Blogger

    @dee because he is … And as a fan, it Doesn’t mean I can’t admit when he’s “following trends” or if a songs wack you dumb fuck … Anything else?

  • weneedto

    Funny how everybody is stealing a 13 year old’s swag lil mouse from chicago invented “the money dance” and these washed up rappers are swagger jacking. Nas was def ahead of his time cause hip-hop is dead as fuck. Be original

  • them boys got a groove going here
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  • Scrilla

    Time for Fab to hang it up

  • dee

    dis nigga just said he ALWAYS follows trends and you agreed so you always admit his songs are wack? change your name to dumb bitch and stop insulting the name “blogger”

    welp dis conversation is over go play in traffic faggot


    “If you could understand what this watch cost, you would understand why I ain’t try and dap”


  • Blogger

    @Dee I didn’t say he ALWAYS follows trends can u fucking read fam? Seriously … Point blank fab is my favorite artist but he needs to stop following the same flows everyone’s using and be more creative from a fan stand point that’s all I was fucking saying u dickhead , smh

  • mr.frassvybz


  • Classic


  • This can’t be a track for losos way 2 lol

  • LDN12

    losos way on the way get em Fab