Behind The Scenes: 2 Chainz x Nicki Minaj “I Luv Dem Strippers”

We luv ’em too. 2 Chainz and friends hit an Atlanta titty bar last week and began filming his next video. No Nicki in this clip, but here’s a look at the shoot. Based On A T.R.U. Story August 14.


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  • Popintl

    Damn stripping in mid air on top of anutha stripper = TALENT

    DJ Blue = Needs a Dental appointment

  • DoinTooMuch

    LOL at Jeezy comin out of nowhere.

  • same ol’ same ol’

    oh a video at a strip club….girls shaking their asses… lights……..DAMNNNNN TALK BOUT ORIGINAL, WHERE DID THEY COME UP WIT THIS IDEA?? cuz I haven’t seen this exact video 9million times already SMH

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    I heard they trying to make pole dancing an actual event at the next olympics… another gold for America

  • eastpointvet

    looks like gigi made the cut of this video. them not red lights the club is red same ol but its called i luv dem strippers where else would it take place at a church?