• kareem

    don’t this nigga got a gun case pending? talking about “a gun, you betta getch one” …

  • Cory ‘Goofy’ Gunz

    Don’t let me goofy looks fool you…

  • Nate860

    gunz got the nice lawyer dummy he stay strapped 2. foh

  • matrix

    SHEEESH!!! THAT BEAT IS NASTY!!!! song is tough!!!!

  • gammaboi

    Same beat as Molly Ringwald by Danny Brown.

  • oh rlly

    Beat jackin..

  • aarabmuzik killing it.

  • Frontrunner

    Banger. Aarabmuzik is a wild animal. I hope Gunz doesnt mishandle his career.

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  • King Chandler

    Gunz has bars, he just has one of those voices that annoys the shit outta me, could never make it through a whole project. He did murda that bone & biggie beat back in the day though.

  • go

    Wow he jack 2 chainz flow wtf lmaooooool