New Video: Justin Bieber x Big Sean “As Long As You Love Me”

Love hurts. But Justin experiences it the hard way in his love tale directed by Anthony Mandler and featuring Big Sean. Damn, pops don’t play.

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  • The video is hilarious. I admire this young talent. Keep it up.

  • Scrilla

    First post of the month is this?

  • @gtfomike

    Big Sean is a lame

  • the void

    that little kid must be paying well for features. lame.

  • Commenting Carl

    Michael Madsen whoopin that ass at the end

  • red

    i hate this dude and his fans .damn annoying motherfuckers

  • veesky

    Anthony Mandler usually delivers, so it’s a great looking video, no question. Also enjoyed the incluson of Michael Madsen

  • Newlopw

    what does this kid weigh like 110 lbs tho?

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