Rick Ross God Forgives, I Don’t Vlog Pt. 4

Rozay’s promo doesn’t end as he brought it last week over to Chicago and Norfolk, VA. The clip then ends in NY with his release day yesterday and his RapFix Live appearance hours ago.

Previously: Pt. 3

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  • Congrats my nigga..anotha #1
    That’s 4 out of 5,pretty impressive.
    Haters will say Jeezy had 233k. It took that nigga 6 yrs 2 come out with TM103. Cop? I think this nigga has blazed by that shit like nuthin. I guess u niggaz mad he LIED to you.lmao
    Like all of us..he had dreams..n they came tru..

  • Tre


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @tommy gun jones. You stay cashing them MMG checks your on the payroll.

  • Joe Puff

    had a grill in 88

  • Commenting Carl

    Ross and Nelly are running neck and neck with the radio station interviews but Nelly doesn’t have any music in heavy rotation which is odd to me they keep asking him about tip drill and Nellyville and Ashanti….. what year is this again? 2012 right…. that’s what I thought.

  • Commenting Carl

    and had hawaiian shirts, hanging with little Chase in 89

  • @Zoom..I won’t even disrespect u 2day my nigga. I’m grown ass man. I just like 2 check u bitch niggaz sometimes. Stop being pussy..
    Ol sit down 2 PEE ass nigga..my bad

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  • Scrilla

    “233 first week I’m gone remind you”! Yeeeeeaaaaaaaah

  • Regular Guy

    Man once you think of it like they said in the interview,
    Rich Forever
    Self Made Vol 2.
    All in a 6 month span, dude is crazy good man. The work speaks for itself it doesn’t matter the sales or anything. Shyt is quality music. Props to Rozay.

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  • kayandgee

    Rich forever, Self made 2, GFID in six months! that must be some sort of record right?

  • @tshiamofs

    Rick Ross projections at 220k first week. Very small in comparison to the star he is….I mean Cole sold exactly that and he is a rookie

  • pleasure boy

    God Forgives, Sales Don’t

    LMFAO The Boss failed!

  • majormar

    GFID classic only song I skip is diced pineapples.

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