Havoc On The Combat Jack Show

Combat Jack bumped heads with Havoc yesterday on PNC Radio. Here’s the synopsis of what went down.

A few weeks ago we interviewed Prodigy from Mobb Deep and the conversation was as they say “glass half full” or something like that. But tensions are building with the uncertainty of the legendary groups status. All kinds of allegations being made on the ‘nets. So it was only right that we had Havoc come to the show and get his account on the state of affairs surrounding Mobb Deep. Heavy stuff..Listen to the stream below.

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  • brollya

    wen i say weak ass u say bitch, weak ass_______

  • recordpusher

    They called Prodigy a pretty thug

  • Belize

    Big Herb aint on Hell On Earth so I can rock with the fucktard. they all lame

  • brollya

    he got a song called pretty thug….. “my bitch a pretty thug”

  • Belize

    Havoc: I felt the vibe wasnt there

    (maybe cuz its been 3 years, im just saying)

    Havoc: The respect wasnt there

    (maybe cuz for that 3 you put out weak lazy project, didnt keep the Mobb name relevant and Mobb didnt become poppin again till P came home.. im just sayin)

    Hav should have been droppin beats all over the place and wavin the FreeP flag harder than Tony Yayo

  • you make the bed, you lay in it Hav.

  • the void

    so much slander from hav. it feels like havoc isnt telling the whole story. he talks about having to “take one for the team” a few times but then he says he and his ppl are the type to talk about their problems right then and there when it happens. so which one is it? you cant keep quiet, let things slide and talk about your problems like men at the same time. also that old man herb or ferg, whatever his name is, acts like the police dont lie and to grimmey shit to make you turn on your ppl. lastly there are MANY casinos in San Diego.

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  • smh

    that pause shit is so old.