New Music: Mariah Carey Ft. Rick Ross x Meek Mill “Triumphant (Get ‘Em)”

After a three year hiatus, Mariah Carey returns with her new single featuring Rick Ross and Meek Mill. Sounds like Mimi hasn’t lost a step.

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  • TeeCartt

    Smoooooooth. MMG

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Ross finna sell an extra 50k cause this song. Mariah always know what rappers to get for a hit since ODB on the Fantasy remix.

  • too bad she don’t look a thing like that no more..

  • Scrilla

    Might as well bury her career next to Nick Cannon’s.

  • Mariah Carey always been killin it, she’s the true Queen Diva son. Get down.

  • Mark


  • Hannibal Lecture

    @Feeze cosign she still looks better than most 40 cougars lol

  • M.T

    im feeling this.

  • Hannibal Lecture

    I meant @deez

  • whenever i think of mariah, i like to think of the “mtv crib mariah” when she getting in her lil jacuzzi with the robe when i look at half these people i just feel real old..can’t imagine how they feel.

  • nice track
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  • kayandgee

    dope, that old mariah JD feel, good look for MMG

  • @Hannibal Lecture yeh without a doubt..

  • BlackAnastasia

    Honey has done nothing ever since she married Squeeze The Sherman,Soft As Danon Canon,lol…

  • This is hot.Meek set it off.can never go wrong w/ Mrs Carey or cannon whatever.Not as hot as the Bone joint w/ her but tight.beat is crazy.
    Mercy freestyle remix ft. Bo Thirst, @Loch121, God Rod, and PG The Great … #Moverite

  • BlackAnastasia

    MeekMill is pure fucking Trash!Apparently I must be missing something..SMH..

  • Kali


    Jump off a cliff

  • pipo

    A 3 year hiatus because eminem killed her with the warning

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis


  • Collar Cali

    Nice. I sounds like it’s MMG’s track more than hers though…

  • London

    straight trash

  • Commenting Carl

    smooth track I like it

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  • firiesport8

    But whos track is it?

  • LoverofHipHop

    This is dope…gave me that old nostalgic Mariah x JD feel for real.

    I likes….I already know this is gonna get crazy burn on hot97.

  • dll32

    nice +1

  • ForRealDoe?

    Get ’em? She’s trying to get Em possibly as in Eminem? Is she really that bold to even make Eminem wonder if this is about him. Remember what happened last time she tried subtly taking a shot at him. A 3 year hiatus.

  • bbones

    can we get a without rap version, better be a lex luger beat cuz of that sweeper sound

  • Dre

    She took a 3 year hiatus because of her child n her marriage simple get tht overated white racist piece of shit cock out y’all mouths.. Feminem is a fag

  • SMH

    Ya’ll like some trained monkeys or some shit…I see some names on here that JUST hated on Ross’ post earlier. Now Mariah s on the track (One that she stepped a few levels down to do and sounds nothing like what she should be on, you love it. #Sheep

  • tonyblunt

    BlackAnastasia says:
    Thursday, August 02 2012 at 4:41 PM EST

    MeekMill is pure fucking Trash!Apparently I must be missing something..SMH..

    CO SIGN did anyone really listen to his verse ??

  • @pienman10
    this is a keeper… she did her thang on this one! but, it is more of a MMG track

    Jermaine Dupree, she aint goin 2 far from him & his beats… he still crafting hits i see

  • Nickey Negrito

    @BlackAnatasia @tonyblunt yeah i heard Meek verse and that shit was dope. IDK what u guys want him to say or who you want Meek to sound like. I mean what ya’ll hating ass dudes want, and top it off…THIS SONG IS CRAZY!

    The song itself is good. Ross and his breadwinner Meek blended good with the track. Im on my third listen.

    Meek is not Jigga, Nas, Em, 50, Big, Pac, Kanye, Wayne, Pun, Drake, Wacka, Andre, J.Cole, Mos Def or anybody, because he is him, and i think his individual style is dope. Just like those i just mention got they own style. Truthfully, ya’ll hate is only going to make people root for the underdog even more harder. I’m wondering if you dudes can spit or make a record, if so post a link and i’ll critique ya music without prejudice.

    Matter fact all people that hate on anybody and if you an up and coming artist, then post your music with a link and let us judge your craft, your art, your love, your passion, your DREAMS!

    Forreal, niggaz need to demand your music or what ever it is you do, and let us judge your work, otherwise CUT THE MALARKEY !!!!!

    If you aint got music then post ya man shit and let us judge his shit!


  • Nickey Negrito

    @pienman… yo i didn’t know JD produce this track. Damn this shit dope. What makes it good is the fact that Mariah can sing her ass off. She is truly a legend and Nick Cannon knew what he was doing. Follow Jay Z Blueprint to success baby….lol

  • jeezy


    Breaking news..rapradar..Rick Ross waives the white flag…squashes beef with young jeezy

  • herbsaac

    @Nicky Negrito

    Meek Mill, Wiz Khalifa, Tyga and all them shits are nothing but a bunch of new memphis bleeks.. its just that you peeps cant admit that the old shit from 10 years ago to even 5 years ago was better than this pop rap ass fake drug rap shit that MMG and YMCMB have going on.

    The realness is still out there

    ASAP Mob is that real shit.. SO is Freddie Gibbs. Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q SpaceGhost Purp has a nice psychadelic Crunk sound that is amazing.. Go for original shit not bull shit music like MMG.. Your mind will be much clearer.

    This is even not better than that nerdy weird hipster emo fall out boy reject shit like Odd Future

    Meek Mill might have been real before music im not sure but im never impressed with his generic gun rap that lacks imagination and drug stories that have been told 100 times before in much much much more clever ways. Nothing special what so ever.

  • tucq

    Mariah is one of the smartest in the game.

    A $30mil payoff when dropped from a label.

    Now $18mill for her time comin on American Idol.


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  • PEEP


  • Nickey Negrito

    @herbsaac….. all the artist you mention are cool and i also like Meek. Why would you assume that my mind is cluttered with nonsense? I know Meek isn’t the dopest rapper ever, but im not going to hate because he is getting more attention then the ones you mention. Should’nt an individual be themselves, and if Meek shit is based on street life or party life, does that mean he needs to be more witty then JayZ to get over or should Meek just be him?

    Evidentally something is working for him. Another thing, did you want to peep Mariahs song or hear Meek and Ross spit, and stroll down to see if others hated or loved the song, so you can go against the person who likes the song, and criticize their taste in rappers?

    If i told you i don’t care for the rappers you mention does that make me tasteless? You may say yes, but i’ll disagree. Like i mention in a previous post “what ya’ll want from Meek?” It’s obvious that the young boy is going no where. Have you even heard his battles on youtube? Do you realize this young man been grinding since he was 12 for a chance at stardom? But because he doesn’t spit the things your favorite artist like i shouldn’t support the young brother?

    Damn his album didn’t even drop yet to see what he really working with. The boy got a nice buzz off mixtapes, similar to 50’s buzz. I like vanilla soymilk, and i’m going assume you like cow milk, get it?

  • Nickey Negrito

    @herbsaac, i dont like Tyga, Wiz, Drake, Wacka, Eminem and many others but i respect their craft. Different things appeal to different people. You can’t force a person to like anything without literally putting a gun to they head, and showing them that you will pull the trigger, get it?

  • King Chandler

    I just wish Meek changed his delivery up every now and then, can’t stand when people spit the same exact way on every track. At least he didn’t spend a whole verse talkin about stuntin on these hoes and haters, that is one of his favorite subjects and I ain’t tryin to hear it all day long.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    [email protected]”At least he didn’t spend a whole verse talkin about stuntin on these hoes and haters, that is one of his favorite subjects”….You forgot about his “Audemar” watch.

  • Nickey Negrito

    @King Chandler @ZoomZoomDad-Otis Criticize the brother if he does the same repetitive material on his album. Right now the brother doing what made him hot. If you separate those material rhymes and listen to his street reflective rhymes then you will notice he has other subject matters.

    That’s like ppl saying Eminem only talks rape and killing his mother, we know thats false. Judge an artist fully when their album drops, not off mixtape material or songs his Boss told him he wanted to be featured on a compilation album.

    I think people need to be more logical if your going to hate or dislike something about a person, and also stop assuming a brother is just one dimensional person. This why Nicki and others are where they are. They showcased a variety on their ALBUM, not MIXTAPE.

  • [VIDEO] Mac Miller : “My mom and Wiz’s mom are like best friends they hang out all the time and get high together ! ”

  • nijea

    That JD sound i love man!

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  • king 22

    tonyblunt yeah ur missing sum thing meek is fire