• Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    never heard of dude but this is pretty good. Pusha was alright too

  • Jfraz


  • Pusha T’s like 42, but he sounds hon-gray. Mikkey had some good lines too.

  • @ten macaroni necklaces Mickey was signed to cash Money before The carters.[robably help write some Wayne shit.he been fire.real cat from the Chi.Pusha that dude period.This is official.Halsted got bars
    Mercy freestyle remix ft. Bo Thirst, @Loch121, God Rod, and PG The Great … http://fb.me/1AwCKtpji #Moverite

  • haha

    Gunplay with the remix Dick in my ear

  • Black

    Mikkey’s been a Beast! He’s got next.

  • Jaymalls

    Halsted been a beast, hopefully he finally gets his shine!


  • YoungGHustler

    pushhhhhh mo’fucker! i’m G.O.O.D

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