Rick Ross Album Release At Perfections

On Tuesday, Rozay, MMG, and DJ Khaled all took the festivities to NY’s Perfections gentlemen’s club to help celebrate the release of God Forgives, I Don’t. Album in stores now.

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  • Facts

    How you gonna have 5+ official singles out
    + videos
    + release a mixtape full of album songs
    + be all over every blog
    + be on every magazine cover
    + be on every TV show
    + consider yourself the “hottest rapper out”
    + consider your crew “the hottest out”

    and still not sell more than Jeezy who didn’t have none of the above


  • http://bugginout.wordpress.com Buggin Out!

    ^So what are Rozay’s official first week numbers?

    And PLEASE no one comment about numbers not being important. They were always important. It’s just that the public wasn’t as concerned with them.

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  • More Facts

    How you gonna not put any of your artist out
    + talk shit to monie love
    +not do anything about the dude getting killed over the Gucci Mane Beef
    + get jealous because the real Big Meech co-signed Ross
    + say you don’t have to see your 16 year old son because he is too busy working
    + have no lyrical skill what so ever
    + sign Tone Trump
    + Leave Freedie Gibbs in Limbo

    and the final numbers have yet to come in and still have a worse album than Rick Ross


  • AboutTown

    That Domo Genesis shit is better than this shit and it is free to download

  • jeezy

    More facts that was weak..gunplay got knocked out …what did Ross do???

    50 embarrassed this nigga..fucked his baby mom…what did Ross do???

    Jeezy chump this nigga front row of the source awards..what did Ross do??

    Rich Forever diss was weak cause Jeezy is buzzing..Ross is CO fraud who wants to be biggie..

    Jeezy sold than GFID with less blogs, promo, radio interviews..ciroc commercials, etc..you wanna no why??? Cause real recognize real…Stfu & listen to that weed plate CD GFID..lmao

  • onenutned

    I ain’t throwin money at bitches wit’ clothes on. fuck dat.

  • David

    Record Sales don’t matter too only one except the artist & the label. Fans know too much information these days. Why does sales have too validate your opinion on an artist’s music or talent ? Curren$y & Big K.R.I.T probably had two of the best hiphop albums too drop this year & they both sold less than 50,000 first week. Does that mean they suck ? know, it just means they sold under 50,000 first week. Support is support. Nobodys going platinum no more in hiphop unless its a YMCMB artist, and thats only because Birdman buys damn near all of their albums. So shut up.

  • Rozay

    Ross told the broad to get her money then he proceeded to put the final nail in the coffin in 50’s career nobody I mean nobody is co- signing 50’s music in 2012 except for his die hard fans

    Jeezy aint chump shit he got Blu Davinci on his heels

    Rich forever was better than TM 103

    Ross was named the hottest M.C in the game and has the hottest out now

    Gibbs and Tone Trump will never put out an album

    Ross was even able to secure Gunplay a record deal on Def Jam let that shit marinate nigga Gunplay of all people so who do you think has more pull Jeezy or Ross, I’ll wait

    Jeezy was claimin BMF when them niggas was gettin money but as soon as hey got indicted that nigga was quiet as a mouse unloyal ass nigga

    Ross rides for his niggas all he require is that they work hard

    But real recognize real fuck right?fuck outta here being real is making sure your team eats and not feeding them scraps

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Best actor in the game.

  • Facts

    @ David
    I agree with you to the fullest. Sales do not mean shit when it comes to quality.
    BUT it was Ross himself and the media who was pushing Ross like he’d move a shitload of units. And now it’s just double wood….once again

    @ Rozay
    Rich Forever probably was better than TM103 if you like listening to 20 songs that all sound alike and have one and the same topic.
    Ross is the named the hottest MC? His “fans” don’t really seem to show all this love considering the sales….
    Gibbs and Tone Trump have exactly as many albums out as Meek Mill, Stalley ….. have
    Gunplay? I won’t even discuss
    Ross rides for his people? Yeah…so where Triple Cs at?
    The BMF thing.. why would you go to jail if you got a bunch of millions right here? Damn, that’s not what you learn in the hood….not if you’re smart (what’s good T.I., B.G., Buck, Sigel, Petey Pablo?)
    Oh and Jeezy did never claim another man’s life and identity….but y’all already know about that…Ha!

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  • http://rapradar majormar

    @facts u a hater simple n plain. U hate everything àssociated wit rosay. Everyone Ross beef with he come out on top from trick daddy curly to jeezy. Bmf n big meech on gucci mixtape n video. Jeezy wat happened to bloodraw roccett. 211 even slick pulla. Crickets

  • More Facts

    Rich Forever probably was better than TM103 if you like listening to 20 songs that all sound alike and have one and the same topic. cause lord knows Jeezy doesn’t have limited subject matter, should have thought about that before you said that one homie

    Where was Jeezy Ranked again, oh my bad

    Gibbs and Tone Trump have exactly as many albums out as Meek Mill, Stalley, yeah but they were on the group albums and Rozay constantly big them up in interviews, Jeezy is out for self

    Ross rides for his people? Yeah…so where Triple Cs at? well Rozay and Gunplay were members and they are still here, but the bigger question is where is slick pulla and blood raw? crickets

    The BMF thing.. why would you go to jail if you got a bunch of millions right here? Then don’t scream that shit in the first place while they were poppin if you aren’t gonna ride it out to the end

  • Baous

    GFID album of the millennium, sale numbers are ESTIMATES. Nas was estimated to sell 100K and ended up doing 140, so stfu till the final numbers are in you fuck boiz, rozay the GOAT jeezy the WOAT, Ross a true boss putting his niggaz on, building an empire, which Jeezy never done, putting out a mixtape better than that fuck Boi jeezy album. jeezy a jealous bitch, he got mad that def jam wanted to make Ross their flagship artist once Hova left, and he got even madder than BIG MEECH HIMSELF consigned Ross’ record. Look at the game nowadays, damn near EVERYONE cosigns with Ross, even hip hop legends like Eric B, Chuck D, Dr Dre (who flew to Miami to work with Ross), etc. y’all fuck boiz mad that Ross been the best rapper out since the Albert Anastasia EP. Like YN always says “albert Anastasia was the ascension”

  • http://rapradar MAJORMAR

    @facts gfid classic whether it sells good or not. jeezy cool i cant dislike people i dont know, its not my type of swag

  • DoinTooMuch

    LMAO yall givin some lame excuses tryna say ross better than jeezy. lol Music wise, there is no competition. It’s a fuckin landslide in my opinion. Ross hasn’t dropped a classic album. Jeezy has dropped at least 2. (The recession was really underrated)

  • More Facts

    the recession a classic nigga you just lost all credibility that’s the funniest thing I heard all day

    the next thing you’re gonna say is the Janky promoters is a classic too?

    you may have a future as a comedian

  • Baous

    Teflon Don > anything jeezy has ever or will ever put out. Jeezy has never even put out anything CLOSE to GFID. Ross got 2 classics (TD & GFID), maybe even 3 with trilla. Jeezy got ZERO. also, rich forever is the most downloaded mixtape EVER. Btw on MTV list, jeezy put out like 3 mixtapes an album, and a documentary and doesn’t get put on the list. When the list came out Ross hadnt dropped an album since 2010 and topped it. Jeezy STAYS losing, hes irrelevant. Ross stays in the topic Of conversation, whether it be good or bad, hes Who You fuck boiz talk about and Only Ross haters come on here and hate, got nothin else to do? This is Ross Radar motherfuckers, if you hate him don’t come here! Simple as the for y’all simple asses

  • Scrilla

    GFID was trash except Andre verse
    And Teflon Don better than TM101 and Trap Or Die 2? You might as well go hang yourself
    Jeezy got 3 platinum plaques, Ross got 0. Now who has classics?

  • BN Vs YN

    This nigga Baous HAS to be trolling.. Jeezy has 0 classics? Yeah, that’s why he sold more than the whole MMG put together. LOL MMG only get platinum on MIXTAPE downloads. Meek album august 28th? Where’s the singles? And can Ross make a documentary? Yeah, of him getting owned by 50 Cent and how he used to be a officer

  • LoverofHipHop

    This shit it too funny watching what I am assuming to be grown ass men bickering and beefing on a thread over who is better and which one is this and that when I can almost guarantee that neither one of them has ever met or is cool with either rapper; ross or jeezy. Much less have a vested interest to justify going soo hard for “their” artist.

    It’s only music people, made for enjoyment and entertainment! Could you imagine two grown ass men bickering like this over which wrestler is better then the other??

    Or two grown ass men bickering about which late night TV person is better….”I ride for Leno all day nigga…fuck david lettermen.” As ridiculous as that sounds is as rediculous as this is in the thread. It’s all entertainment…all of it smh at trying to ride or die for someone who knows zero and cares less about your entire existence.

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