Chief Keef Covers FADER

Nope, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. That’s Chief Keef on the cover of FADER’s upcoming Fall Fashion edition. That’s the shit we I don’t like. Issue occupies newsstands on August 21st.

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  • Real talk

    These rich white Jews are promoting ignorance amongst black people, new way to keep us down? Ratchet reality shows, dumb violence amongst the kids. Not a lot of Lil mos defs and Lupes getting signed but more keefs and wakas stay getting paid. Smh

  • Ay Bitch im on it

    Wtf? Whack af

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  • Ay Bitch im on it

    Whats the faggot wearing??

  • Nathaniel

    that’s the shit we don’t like? why would we dislike keef on the cover of FADER? i’d say he has a big enough following he created all on his own to warrant a cover. why not? isn’t all this “documenting the culture” shit about “what’s hot” with you RR niggas?

    stick to your guns, b.

  • Ay Bitch im on it

    Whats hot? This niga straight bs fuck keef and anyone like him

  • moreffa


  • hello

    he has a strong buzz right now, and hes 16 why the hate? good luck with everything kid get this paper

  • Nathanial Hörnblowér

    There’s a violent culture in Chicago that deserves a cover story and a whole lot more, but Fader says fuck it let’s talk about boots and vests… Now that’s that shit I don’t like.

  • dll32

    this whack ass nigga…that’s the shit I don’t like.


    EVERYTIME I see him he looks like a dumb ass nigger who just got some MONEY…and ran into the LV store and Gucci store and BURIED himself with logos and whatever else he thinks is IN….He can’t dress…NOR RAP.

  • M.T


  • LA

    Let that youngin do his thing!!!

  • Ay Bitch im on it

    Dude is 16?? Explains why he such a dumbass

  • buking

    seriously, why is media giving him so much burn? disturbing.

  • s

    wow this dude just looks like a gorilla in a polo. guess thats who they want representing the rap culture huh

  • peteywheatstraw

    gotta be better then lil b.

  • County Of Kings

    @real talk cosign that 100000%

    but niggas too busy thinking the jayz, kanye, will smith, barack or any other successful intelligent nigga is illuminati.

    na my nigga this is the propoganda, this is the keep a nigga down movement right here. i understand he is a kid, he doesnt know any better. he no different than me at his age.and he getting money probably helping his bird ass moms out, (listen to the power105 breakfast club interview if u dont know why i say that) but he should not be promoted and spread.
    everytime i see him and his music i think of those infomercials wit starving african kids, this lil nigga needs our help OR HE WILL DIE!!!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis


  • YUP!

    he can thank kanye for the extra boost

  • Geez

    Kanye really started his whole career with that little remix huh?

  • nick riveria


  • Ay Bitch im on it

    Actually i think that Lil B does more for the people then this nigga does, Lil B gets people together and creates happiness within his fan base, they all are happy ass based bitches, this nigga is staight bs in all angles

  • Ay Bitch im on it

    Dedikation 4 btw and Numbers cop that No Idols shit oh and u fukin up missing that Nas shit 2

  • Over it

    A damn shame. This dude is the nail in the coffin.

  • Pissed

    Why do an interview with a guy who, in another interview, couldn’t even tell you what his OWN lyrics meant?

  • nope

    but is this nigga wearing fake tru religions with no belt??

  • Syrus

    LMAO at these comments…..Cheie Keef is going nowhere fast, best believe this nigga didnt read that contract or understand the contract from whoever put it in dummy terms for him hip hop/rap will be unrecognizable in 10yrs. Everyone will be gay mark my words

  • really23

    This lil dude was just on house arrest and now he’s becoming someone. Stop h8tin’ on this guy. Is he the most articulate? No. Is he the best rapper? No. Is he the most socially conscious? No. Bottom line he turned nothing into something really fast and hopefully, he’ll progress and become an upstanding member of society one day or another.

    Imagine Common @ 16 years old.
    Imagine Malcolm X @ 16 years old

    On another note why he look like he supposed to be in The Jamaican Shower Posse w/them funny clothes he be

  • County Of Kings


    if this is what makes him famous, being ignorant. when he 30 why would he change it up, ppl do what the public wants so since he has gotten fame being ignorant he will probably think he doesnt have to grow or learn, he probably thinks he got it made from here on out. if it aint broke dont fix it right?

  • frankyg

    front cover really?? SMH and than ignore all rumours on whitemans involvement in killing our culture by promoting ignorance and messing up the biggest names that spread conciousness.. man he’s 5 minutes of fame are already fading away..belee dat! no fans, just stans who enjoy the ignorant shit he says..

  • S My D

    So the only way somebody should be able to rap now is if they sound like Kendrick Lamar or Nas? Fuck that shit! I fucks with Chief Keef heavy because he brings somethin different. That wild out gang bang shit. And how the fuck is white proper destroying the black community by puttin him on a Fader cover. You dickheads shouldn’t fuckin do everything you hear in music anyway, half the time musicians aren’t even doing it because they gettin money and they put that life away. Smh at all y’all Chief Keef hatin ass niggas! GBE Baby!

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