• Brown Shady

    Get it Banks

  • dmc

    dope, but I am tired of rappers saying the rap game is dead

  • Royalty of this shyt!

    Tought shyt niccas

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Niiicce !

  • Akuma

    whack….there’s a reason why this didn’t make the cut n @ZoomZoom ur just a bitch who keeps hatin on Game n suckin Banks dick….GTFOH

  • Ace

    And your the one hating on banks and sucking games dick Smh
    V6>ANYTHING FROM GAME.(period){not hating}

  • T

    Somebody should tell these rap dudes that posing in front of a console/controller like you’re bumping your shit looks mad f’in stupid with the console/controller turned OFF. Just saying tho…

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @T. HOLD ON ! Your critiquing Banks for smoking & chillin in front of the console/controllers? We might as well critique his haircut and jewelry, the women he dates?

  • T

    Nah man, I’m speaking in general…saw too many pics of rappers in front of a console, acting like they be chilling in the studio, listening to music (which is kinda like their job)…and that shit is not even turned on. C’mon, that’s just a silly look. (might be because I’m a sound engineer, but these little things make them look pretty unprofessional imho)

  • RoxanneSupreme

    That is exactly what this track needs…CPR. wack shit

  • the truth

    dope shit. banks would kill ur favorite rapper in a battle. quiet hatin on banks bitches.

  • marlo

    banks killed this shit plk all day

  • Classy

    Lol..so u can’t sit in a chair smoking just to chill and think/reflect/relax..or just not in front of a console turned off after putting in work and so many hours?