New Video: Bow Wow “We In Da Club”

We might finally see Shad’s album Underrated this Fall. In the meantime, he gases up the Lambo and makes his way to the night spot in his brand new music video.

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  • YunG based god

    UPDATE: underrated dropping fall 2019

  • frankie

    ^^^^ummm..ok..maybe as a mixtape..This shit has been pushed back further than Stephen A Smith’s hairline

  • a thought

    this nigga blood now?

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Nigga sounds like fxcked up mix between J. Cole and Tyga! He really shoulda took the LL Cool J route. :T Bow hasn’t dropped anything dope or worth wile since Face Off with Omarion… And it’s ironic because Omarion hasn’t either! smh!!

  • Sushi Baby

    dis nigga irrelevant

  • Kemosabi

    “anything dope since faceoff with Omarion”… Jesus please take the wheel

  • no wonder why his album got pushed back the album needs more hype this song is wack lol

  • Drake Stole Lil Wayne’s Jeggins

    Rack City Bitch?

  • Ay Bitch im on it

    … He needa change his name or walk on stilts
    Either Bow Down or go 5’10 on then ho’s

  • Real talk

    Who’s the most hated? Bow Wow or Wayne? All I know is no matter what these two people do, y’all will hate on him

  • Fuck Tunechi

    ^because they both suck ass. wayne even admitted to dj drama he’s not even giving putting his 100% in music

  • Fuck Tunechi

    he’s not even putting his 100% in music*

  • frankyg

    making the term “real niggaz” even more irrelevant..

  • onenutned

    so he tyga now?…well who tyga gon be?

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    @Kemosabi Did I say something wrong? It was last successful album, and he wasn’t making songs tryna cop’ off niggas! Hate all you want but it’s the truth!

  • M.T

    this nigga still at it?

  • LizzyBiz

    I see Bow Wow is lurking & commenting again smh

  • Sarah_Underwood

    “I’m a man of the people. Look, I live in a lower-middle class neighborhood. I put my snapback on just like you. I’m real! Now. Let me get into my car, a Lamborghini.”

    Bow Wow is the Mitt Romney of rappers. Total disconnect.

  • SS

    when tryin to rap like lil wayne and dressing like wiz khalifa dont work for you….just try your best rendition of tyga. rip “bow wizzle”

  • nijea

    Wack ass video man. Rico is terrible behind the camera. Damn Bow, you need the homie JD for a comeback G. That a be dope.