New Video: Kendrick Lamar “Swimming Pools (Drank)”

Take it from personal experience, drinking issues are no joke. And for K. Dot’s new video, he takes a dive for the better and for the worse. good kid, M.A.D.D. city drops October 2. We’ll drink to that. Ha!

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  • Not bad……

  • CJF

    wheres “the recipe” vid thouuu kdot?!

  • Word

    For the longest time I was wondering if we were actually gonna see a swimming pool in this video lol. Not bad though. I had envisioned it as more of a pool party scene but he had a BIT of that mixed in I guess. I felt like the video should have had more of that based on the concept of the song but its a dope video regardless. Sometimes I do wish rappers would just make a video that matches the concept of the song sometimes instead of going far left with the video the end it all came together though. 7/10

  • KingJuggaNott

    I love his cadence on songs. His delivery is illy.

    To me what makes a great emcee is the ability to be lyrical, trendy, stylish without alienating the audience. He’s growing and becoming a GREAT emcee. He has the ability to make a club banger but it’s still lyrical, fresh and new. One of the guy I would like to see have success and be in the bright lights. Good video. Keep it lyrical, and thought provoking. Properly dumbed down….but I love this track.

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    The Recipe?

  • dimesen

    i dont think kdot has had ONE video thats as ill as the song yet… mac miller has better videos than kdot. #backwords

  • The Guy

    songs fucking dope but video sucks

  • Carlito

    co-sign @KingJuggaNott

  • M.T

    Good video. Song is still on repeat.

  • Crackkillz

    This is a dope video too

  • onenutned

    this is dope.

  • WTF Is Lil Wayne Wearing


  • Real talk

    Fuck yall saying it sucks. This joint is nice.

  • King

    video was meh….but the song was dope regardless

  • Dope.

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  • Caesar


  • I thought it was dope all around.

  • Kendrick is just THAT guy, man. He can appeal to the mainstream without compromising his integrity, not too many rappers can do that.

  • Citylivin’

    dimesen says:
    Friday, August 03 2012 at 12:40 PM EST

    i dont think kdot has had ONE video thats as ill as the song yet… mac miller has better videos than kdot. #backwords

    that’s what happens when you go mainstream you ain’t got no control over shit…i think the ADHD video is his best tho…Mac has control over his videos that’s why they’re so dope.

  • Dope.

    [VIDEO] Mac Miller : “My mom and Wiz’s mom are like best friends they hang out all the time and get high together ! ”

  • the homie is a fool with it! congrads & much success to

  • KENDRICK getting is video on

  • Sc_R

    @citylivin are u sayin this is a mainstream attempt? cause that’s same director did all TDE videos for years

  • Citylivin’

    All?…cuz i just hit youtube and seen a bunch of different videos done by different directors….including my favorite done by Vashite…listen i’m a Kendrick fan too it’s okay to be objective…i just hate the mainstream.

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    Dope song, i tink the video is a bit boring but excited for the album

    good kid, m.A.A.d city OCTOBER 2ND!!

  • Black Shady is 2 for 2 so far for his debut album

    #blackhippy #tde

  • fuk waka

    nice to see NO ciroc bottles and some real shit what most people actually drink!


    The falling part is dope, fuck that the whole video is dope lol.. kendrick^tde^

  • HK


  • dope but where is the recipe video kdot,dre is still editing or what when will it come out with detox

  • @gtfomike

    Kendrick is 2/2 for me as a fan so far. This song is dope.

  • Royalty of this shyt!

    So what happened when kendrick wasn’t on the radar and i was the only dude listening to his shyt…niccas thought he wasn’t shyt ..look at him now faggots!!

  • Aggie Pride

    I was nervous how he would shoot this video. Kendrick continues to never disappoint.

  • Vitamin E Films

    The director did his thing on this one…Salute, K.Dot and TDE 4 allowing him the freedom to be creative. Love the record to BTW

  • dope song + dope video = the shit i do like

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Dope video! Niggas are fucking stupid to think Kendrick won’t BLOW THE FUCK UP. Every 10 to 15 yrs there comes a artist that changes the game and K. Dot is that nigga.

  • z7ra_Vv

    Idk how you guys say this is a mainstream type video.

  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    This nigga is the future…Even when he goes “Mainstream” its refreshing. Bravo!
    New Beat #9: “Dial” (LISTEN IN HD) (New beat every [email protected]!n sunday!!!)

    Support the movement! Bless up. Cromer Beats 2012

    *** Follow the movement ***

  • Hip Hop Started In The Bronx

    When will niggas relize NOBODY cares about Compton no more

  • Mr.November

    Why does he always dress like a Hatian drug lord though? lol

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  • Whoa

    Whoa does the MADD in his album stand for mother against drunk driving?

  • MacDiesel

    He’s standing in the all seeing eye at 1:55

  • zee

    @Whoa im pretty sure its supposed to be m.A.A.d not M.A.D.D

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  • still best rite now!!

    word…great songs..okay vids

  • Itz Yourz

    The video is laid back, slow motion on some chill shit. Just like a good drank will have you. I will fuck with it.

    He talking about diving in it but he look like he was falling into the pool the whole damn video…smh, lol. Tight vid, tho.

  • Lilharlem

    I see skull and bones on his slippers. Shm. Not you too Kendrick.