Rick Ross God Forgives, I Don’t Vlog Pt. 5

In the 5th installment of Rozay’s vlog, Shutah Films takes us behind the scenes during his Breakfast Club visit and his album’s singing at J&R. God Forgives, I Don’t in stores now.

Previously: Pt. 4

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  • caseyp


  • http://Www.johnnybomber.com Mark Allen

    Nice Mmg promo is crazy I honestly think meek gonna sale more then all of them tho his buzz is crazy rite now

  • jeezy
  • King Tesh

    Yee is looking good damn

  • imperial85


  • BostonGeorge

    Deez Niggus wan’ hold me back………….. MMG, promo looking great ross, now i know why you waited afta ya seizures, you really did put in tons of road work brotha