Chief Keef “I Don’t Like” at Lollapalooza

The show continued on yesterday as Chief Keef repped for his city during yesterday’s Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago’s Grant Park. Above he performs his hit alongside Lil Reese.

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  • asapshit

    audio sucks….rapradar sucks!!!

  • RapNAChokehold

    Event should have been called “laughapalooza” where everybody just points and laughs when he hits the stage

  • SpaceGhostBlacc

    Is this his only song? I’m tired of hearing this shitttt

  • Why So Serious

    Funny how all his songs have the same producer, he uses the same flow, and raps about the same shit. Im not a hater or anythin but Interscope should of just paid my college tuition with the money they wasted on Chief queef

  • JL

    It’s weird seeing that song being sung by a predominantly white crowd

  • It’s weird seeing that song being sung by a predominantly white crowd


    gotta luv a massive sea of WHITE FOLKS yellin and screamin “NIGGA” in harmony tho….lol

  • really23

    His mixtape is cool but this they only flow on every song damn near. Youngin doin his thang tho

  • P-K

    It’s Grant Park not Grand Park

  • damn

    i have never seen this nigga wear anything else besides those white pants, nigga is the crustiest rapper in the game

  • s

    keef looks like a boondocks character…smh


  • truth

    16 yr old black males making gun signs with there hands….misguided youth……………sad

  • mrdontplay

    As bunch of white folks expressing their dislike for certain niggas smh

  • Sea

    Its Grant Park… Dude needs to get out more…