• Khalifa

    Dope…be better wit out French Montana but Montana wasn’t awful lol.

  • JustMyOpinion

    I don’t understand how this guy was allowed into a booth. I thought we were done with auto tune? Throw him in the same trash bin as Waka, 2 Chainz, French Montana. These guys have NO friends. Real friends tell friends they can’t rap.

  • MadeMan

    These guys have NO friends. Real friends tell friends they can’t rap.


  • Khalifa

    Well ur dumb^ waka is not good lyrically but he’s music is great for Rave and just getting pumped up and 2 Chainz is one of the best southern rappers. Now u need to understand theres a time a place for certain rappers. So stop being closed minded and grow up

  • brl

    @ Big Homie

    Since when did online bloggers (Rap Radar) become so judgmental in 80% of their posts? What happened to non bias journalism? If it’s terrible, why post it?

  • JustMyOpinion

    “2 Chainz is one of the best southern rappers.”

    ^ you’re serious though? I see your lyrical standards are low.

  • G.O.O.D.BoySwag

    @Khalifa, 2 chainz one of the best southern rappers? you sir should not be calling other people dumb.

    “honey got a fetish so her face is all spit, stuck my fingers in her pussy made her taste her own shit”


    Decent song. Beat shines the most. Content is standard…again…SMH. These niggas wasting good beats. Not that they need to be conscious all the time (That would get annoying too). Just something…anything different.

    BRAND NEW BEAT —–> #10: “Tomorrow Never Dies” (LISTEN IN HD) (New beat every [email protected]!n sunday!!!)

    Support the movement! Bless up. Cromer Beats 2012

    *** Follow the movement ***

  • Leanin’

    If niggaz want Lyrics so much, how come the Lyrical guys that Yall Love Sells NO records!!?? Maybe if u’d Spend the Same time it take yall to Criticizing on Purchasing then the Landscape of Hiphop will begin to Sound like how U want it to sound! FOH!

  • Word

    @Leaning Sells no records huh? Nas last album sold more first week than Waka last album, Guccis last album, and Soulja Boys last album combined. Also sold more than Self Made 2. Cole sells more than them too. Do some research then holla at me. Lyrical dudes sell. FOH.

    And to dude up top, bloggers aren’t true journalist. Anybody could do what bloggers do. They don’t have to be objective and non biased. They post the shit, you listen/watch, everybody goes home. Its not like we have any monetary investments into this blog. Either accept their opinions and occasional bad jokes, or move on.

  • Khalifa

    T.I., 2Chainz, Bun B, Chamillionaire, and Lidacris are the best CURRENT southern rappers fuck u

  • Da Truthhhhhhh

    WACK!!!!!!!!!!! IF PAC AND BIGGIE CAN GET KILLED, these wack rappers need to die EARLY!!!

  • M.T

    “2 Chainz is one of the best southern rappers”

  • HA!

    People on here think they’re paid to give their opinions, y’all have to understand some folks are just gonna like what they like. Even if you think it’s a horrible song, some don’t…simple as that

  • Acapella

    Dope cover. Str8 song. He jus looks like Romeo Miller. Lmao.

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