New Video: Trouble “Let Them Tell It”

Trouble’s heard it all before. And in support of his 431 Days mixtape, he rounds up the residents of Edegwood Court Apartments for his new video.


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  • i relly fucks with troubles shit, i kinda wonder why alley boy was even being pushed so hard if they had this cat on dte, but on the real it also makes me wonder why he so quick to make incriminating videos, not necessarily for him but for his people..

  • cant help but wonder nowadays, with hip hop being wwe and shit..mufuckas taking payola left and right its real evident yall dont even try hiding it anymore..

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  • PPrrootteesstt

    stop posting this nigga man…

  • Lostprodigy

    Damn he took a shot a ti “the real trouble man not that snitch” ti album titled trouble man

  • onenutned

    these dte nigga’s man they talented but waist to much time tryna call other niggas out…just do you, get money and shut the fuck up.