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  • @Craig_itsFriday

    Hating on Snoop. Rap Radar always does.

  • seriously

    Grammar errors? Worst? Worst?! And you niggas wonder why noone respects bloggers…

  • tucq

    It makes sense for Snoop 2 go in a Reggae direction when most artists try Rock.

    I’m just personally not a fan of Reggae music, other than Sean Paul…. who isn’t considered real Reggae

  • jdigg

    unless ur a complete satanist sellout nobody on this site cool wit ya mtv dickriders, this song shows the creative side of this artist an all ya do is dumbdown good music this site needs to come correct or dont come at all

  • jtm

    RR doesnt fuck with the west coast…. that almost makes it want to say fuck this site ima start checking nahright,2dopeboyz,hiphopdx,allhiphop more since they dont show any west coast bias… matterafact I gotta test 4 RR if I come back later today to this post and my comment is deleted I will never ever ever come to this site again ready set go

  • Cool A

    @jtm I don’t think it’s about hating on the West Coast… Though RR is wack, probably cause nowadays rap sucks. I can’t even recall one Hip-Hop album that was good in the last few months. But I see there’s something dope is coming (Slaughterhouse, Xzibit, DMX…).

    BTW I don’t even know why they post about Snoop! He ain’t rapping anymore but makes crappy reggie! Fuck outta here with that bullshit! 90% of the posts are shit!

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