Bangladesh Calls Out Swizz Beatz

Get a load of this guy. While at the All Access Music Conference in NYC Saturday, the producer shared his keys to success with XXL and thoughts on Swizz Beatz.

I don’t think Swizz is relevant. I’m keeping it 100. I think there’s a difference between relevance and musical relevance. You married a lady that’s poppin’ [Alicia Keys], you know it’ll give you a lot of relevance, but you gotta make hits. Ain’t no hits. Are you relevant for the craft you’re doing or the life you live as far as the decisions you make?

UPDATE: Swizzy reacts. Bangladesh retracts.

UPDATE 2: Swizzy responds.

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  • the void

    haha he is right.

  • the void

    boom! roasted.

  • Collar Cali

    The f**king nerve of this guy! No negro u are not relevant! You let Cash Money steal from you, STILL not pay U & then U turn around & SIGN TO THEM???! Man [email protected]$$-DOWN!

  • B.Dot

    @the void?
    u must be on drugs. Swizz catalog >__________

  • dmc

    who’s trying to stay relevant now,

  • Nickey Negrito

    This dude is obviously high. Swizz is very much relevant. He may not be the constant producer to run to, but you can’t deny his longevity thus far. Since 1998 until now, and to say Alicia makes him more popular is a slight insult. It adds on to his celebrity, but he was already established. I think Bangladesh is a true definition of an ATTENTION SEEKER. BTW, the record Swizzy produce for Nas is crazy. Some don’t like it, me i think that shit is hot.

  • Nickey Negrito

    Summer on smash is crazy!

  • rep

    Was it Swizz that Produced the 50cent Alicia Keys Dr Dre record New Day?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Swizz has made alot of hits ask Dmx, The Lox, Jay-Z. See if Swizz calls out Bangladesh for getting ripped by YMCMB twice. He would be wrong for that.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis


  • Commenting Carl

    Attention seeking… that song he put out a few months ago gave him zero buzz …. the fact that he signed with cash money after they jerked him before shows he isn’t the brightest t light bulb in the pack anyway…. people should take what he says with a grain of salt for that alone.Also that George Michael spray on beard that him and Jim Jones wears went out with the 80’s

  • Nathanial Hörnblowér

    Respect is something you never get, if you never had it.

  • DoleMic


    Summer on Smash is doooooope & i’m not a fan of Swizzy’s vocals on records AT ALL but it surprisingly aint fuck up the song & actually made it better. Swizz aint that nice of an all around Producer to me but the nigga got undeniable classics unlike this CLOWN.

  • I have to agree somewhat; he is saying that Swizz is revelant today because of the lifestyle he is portraying in the media. Yes his production catalog is dope, but other than “On To The Next One” off The Blueprint 3, he really hasnt been on the charts. He has had a couple of features he & there but no presence on the charts. Just like Diddy, who falls into this category, Last Train to Paris was minimal success, but let be honest Diddy is only makes headlines for his lifestyle and like it or not Swizz gets more headlines for his marriage & that whole Megaupload case than his music. So to say he’s not relevant MUSICALLY is a pretty factual statement.

  • he’s not talking about catalogue, he’s talking about at that moment and he has a point. What’s the last Swizz joint that you liked? I like Welcome to the Jungle and that’s a year ago with 2 mega stars

  • Stunna

    Who the fuck is Bangladesh to comment on swizz???????

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  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Cosign Commenting Carl, like who is this clown ?? he got like 2 hits tops

  • @stunna bangladesh is that dude who got paid around 2010 to 2011 because everybody wanted a beat…swizz still got it a bit i just hate is annoying ass hooks SOMETIMES.


  • Idiots

    Seriously, Swizz Beats is a urban culture Icon, he makes brands relevant to our culture on top of constantly pushing the bounds of urban music, he’s a staple Bangledesh is disrespectful for saying that…Reebok is a Relevant Urban Brand Because of Swizz, Louboutin is relevant in the Urban Culture because of Swizz, not to mention the lotus Deal…Swizz Beatz out Shadows being married to Alicia Keys by being one of the biggest exects and brands urban culture has ever seen…

  • strongisland



  • brl

    This guy is a walking ball of negativity. He was just on the Tim Westwood show in London claiming Da Internz stole his sound with Big Sean’s record “Dance (A$$)” a couple of weeks ago. Every interview I see with this guy, he’s always got something arrogant to say? “A Milli” is nothing but an 808, snare, and a f’ing sample (repeated over and over and over)?! He’s like the 50 Cent of Hip Hop producers, hating his way into the game. Not to mention he got played by YMCMB and then later signed with them? What a tool shed. Swizz is mad annoying on his songs nowadays, but he has classic records.

  • smh

    I’ll never understand producer beef…

  • MadeMan

    Swizz’s old shit is dope but his recent stuff i can’t stand and his annoying voice on hooks

  • FukUrOpinion

    LMAO says the guy who hasn’t been relevant since Gucci Mane’s “Lemonade”. Sounds like he wants some attention. Swizz doesn’t even have to make music to be relevant. You’re making music and nobody gives a shit. Pop call the kettle black much?

  • FukUrOpinion

    *Pot lol

  • OmegaSun

    Tell em why you mad son………This nigga got a hot wife and im still fucking hood rats

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Swizz hasn’t made hot records since Banned from TV and Money, Cash, Hoes days. He even got sued by Casio for stealing beat formats but his presence keeps him relevant and he’s not getting raped for his chips Bangladesh.

  • Petro3

    not a big fan of Bangladesh but Swizzy IS overrated.

  • Jack Bahlzak

    “Did it on em” sounds like a beat Timbo woulda made for missy

  • SpaceGhostBlacc

    Banned From Tv>any beat that bangledesh produced tbh

  • Real Talk.

    Son played himself, if its not Wayne, Bangladesh has NO hits as opposed to Swizz. He’s tryna be a producer rapper now and that 100 joint w/ Pusha T is a huge flop. Wayne made you son, Swizz has a ton of hits and he didn’t need Alicia for that. Shoot he made on to the next one right? his beats made watch the throne as well as Life is Good. He’s solidified as an all time great. Bangladesh ain’t even fuckin w/ Hitboy

  • casper21

    Im not the biggest fan of swizz, in fact aside from his DMx catalogue I don’t like most of his work, I prefer not to hear his vocals over the tracks he produces, but current hits don’t determine relevance at this point, relevance is better determined by who major artists go to for highly anticipated releases. the fact that jay, nas, em, have all gone to him for production in recent years says enough for relevance


    …Why dude gettin at Swizz tho? Simply put dude is a legend and is still making moves till this day. That has to stand for something. I want to see where this dude will be in 5 years. To me longevity is slightly more important than your initial impact.

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  • changeclothz

    This nigga iz always saying shittt

  • SpaceGhostBlacc

    @Real Talk

    Kane Beatz too, he’s not bad

  • Nathaniel

    that shit was just disrespectful to say. especially since, soon… nobody will remember Bangledesh, and Swizz is forever etched into the annals of Hip Hop history.

    these young guys gotta learn respect. niggas be acting like you can’t be here today, hated and gone tomorrow in this revolving door ass industry.

    not to mention, there are a lot of artists Bangledesh may get the cold shoulder from now, that Swizz mentored, held down, or just have great relationships with him… wisdom is not in this young nigga’s head.

  • Ricflair

    Imma keep it trill I fuck with bang he is just stating an opinion that most cats are afriAD to say… He kept it wavy ! If you don’t like it you don’t like it that mean your hating just how u feel…

  • Ricflair

    @Nathaniel lolol young niggas? Bang is 34 bruh lololol ..

  • Rozay

    So it’s unanimous by everyone that this clown is a bum, I score the bout 122-106

  • Angelo

    The funny thing is Swizz catalog is mega overrated. I can only pick a handful of Swizz bangers but the majority are completely monotonous and repetitive. There’s just some producers that don’t do it for me…Swizz, Cool & Dre, HitBoy stick out in my mind the most.

  • M.T

    Swizz may be a hit and miss with hits these days but that he has way more hits than this nigga. Funny how he calls Swizz irrelevant but when was the last time he made a hit?

  • The pot calling the kettle black

    Imma keep it trill I fuck with bang he is just stating an opinion that most cats are afriAD to say… He kept it wavy ! If you don’t like it you don’t like it that mean your hating just how u feel…

    That would be true if the person that said it was relevant! so if Swizz is irrelevant what is Bangladesh?

  • Hannibal Lecture

    @Nathaniel bang is older than Swizz

  • The pot calling the kettle black

    Why can’t I stop laughing at that picture of snoop dogg I mean Snoop Lying in the you played yourself section.

  • IM730

    probably already been said but ive read more about swizz in the past year with all the deals hes done with art and shoes and shit than i have about Bang-a-desk.

  • Ricflair

    @thepot Bang is like your favorite producers favorite producer. His influence alone is more relevant than Swizz how man up and coming producers try to sound like Swizz? It’s producers trying to sound like bang A milli changed the game and 6ft 7 had niggad tryna do the whole drop the 808s on the 4th bar. Not arguing with u but bang is the influencer bruh. Summer on smash was trash bruh. Bang got records man

  • Nathaniel

    @Ricflair & @hannibal lecture

    as far as his age goes, he moves like a young boi. as far as the industry goes, his tenure has been short, so it’s no different. young vs. veteran.

    the fact that i mistook his age is not a good look for that man.

  • no1

    What “brl” said, 101%. Well said brl.

  • U straight trippin dude…. u a ymcmb junkie…ur name never comes up in conversations… lets see.. u can have this lil bullish music industry ,cause swizzy took it way past anything u could imagine… gear,art,automotive,technology … u a loser next to swizzy… its catalogue of work and career that keep u relevant.. plus relevant means u a flash in the pan… a legacy of work ,body of work u will never have or understand…. sekkle lil drum programmer.. sekkle

  • The pot calling the kettle black

    @ MyRicflair my favorite producer is Doc Dre and i’m pretty sure this bum isn’t his favorite producer, he only got work because of a milli then 6ft7 then he tried to recreate it again for himself with that 100 joint and it flizopped. dude is a 1 trick pony.

  • B.Dot

    how can swizz be overrated?! that’s crazy

  • Devastation Inc.

    Got Damn it

  • Victor Von DOOM

    A OVERRATED producer dissing another OVERRATED producer lol

  • Kemosabi

    Bang for you played yourself! Out of pocket ass nigga!

  • SwishasNKush

    Funny thing is… Bangladesh is a lousy producer as well. They both suck as far as i’m concerned. You wanna know the new blood in the game? The innovative, the real producers? Check these guys out… “Cy Fyre” “DJ Mr. Rogers” “Stunt N Dozier” “Trakksounds” “Harry Fraud” “GL Productions” “MonstaBeatz” “Cookin Soul” “Drum Gang” & “183rd” ALL of those producers work hard! I’ve even talked to a few of them before. The last thing i heard Bangladesh produce was crap. It was the track w/ E40 & Tity Boi. Just straight hot garbage. Both Swizz & Bangladesh should take a page from Ski Beatz. That’s a classic producer. As far as i’m concerned one of the hottest producers right now is DJ Burn One. So while those 2 are making corny beats you have an army of producers here making sick ass beats… If you’re sleeping wake up and check these producers i listed above out!

  • Devastation Inc.

    “Got Damn It” Swizz Beats voice.

  • Devastation Inc.

    “Got Damn It” Swizz Beats voice

  • County of Kings

    I woulda felt him if he woulda said dr. Dre instead of swizzy.
    I know dre is a legend but I think he overrated and his beats don’t wow me, his circle was dope and he did do beats for his circle but back then I didn’t listen to beats, now that I do I’m not impressed by dre. Swizz may not be chart topping these days but he is still very much in the thick of things wit the big wigs and legends.

    Look at the whole ruff Ryder camp who would’ve thought that swizzy would be the one to out last and out earn them all (maybe not dvr she gettin tv money)

    His statement is like sayin a star is more relevant than the song writer when then song writer has been writing for artist for 10yrs, we may not be aware of the song writer but that doesn’t make them irrelevant they just more behind the scenes.

  • Devante

    He has a point… Swizz last hit was on to the Next One and before that was I Can Transform Ya

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  • Karen

    There is some truth to what he says. I didn’t know who Swizz Beatz was before he got with Alicia. Now she is making him relevant in every way. Music and life. lol

  • zezzoi

    “swizz’s catalog” aside, he’s right, lately besides On To The Next One what hit has he made? He’s in a rut. He makes shitty hooks that almost ruin songs if it weren’t for the good verses on them.

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  • duhnigga

    Y’all forgetting swizz was on WTT …. welcome to the jungle is a banger and his hit wasn’t On to the next one it was Fancy that drake if you talking production wise plus Swizz has been relevant through other ventures then music the last few years

  • The funny thing is, when someone says the same thing about Hov marrying Beyonce, like 50 tried to, you niggas co-sign it. Ain’t no way in hell you can say that applies to Jay but not fucking Swizz Beats of all people. SMH…

  • Jaymalls

    This nigga Bangladesh is a flaming bitch… He stay bitching! He swear he created the 808… Lol! Swizz catalog > Bangladesh Materfact, Swizz had more “HITS” in 1 yer than Bangladesh in his whole career! Luda put dude on, but Lil Wayne made him n still rapped on the only 2 hits he has!

  • Nickey Negrito

    Another point people are missing when they say Swizz last hit was ON TO THE NEXT ONE, is that Swizz got bread, he doesn’t need to keep making songs, especially if he got other businesses working well for him. Timbaland hasn’t had a hit huge hit in a minute but i could never discredit his relevance or his legacy, plus i know he got bread.

    Maybe they make they bread and want to chill? Maybe they don’t need music anymore? I mean 50 can chill, Em can chill, Dre can chill ….etc But i think these rich ass dudes do it for the love. I bet Swizz don’t care, you see what he retweeted about Bang a desk…..lmao i like that joke someone made previously.

  • Angelo

    @BDot …name me some crazy Swizz records besides Banned From TV, Ruff Ryders Anthem, Fuck You by the LOX?? ….those are crazy Swizz records. I never said he was terrible, but I could name a could name a good 30-40 producers who would send Swizz home. Most of Swizz records are pure hype rather than great music.

    • B.Dot

      are u serious? jay-z “Money Cash Hoes”, “jigga my nigga”,
      dmx damn near 2nd album,
      eve first shit,
      Memphis Bleek “memph bleek is”
      Lox “wild out”
      RR “down bottom” “ww 3”
      Styles p “good times”

      i mean, should i go on?

  • Huil Lu Kim

    I support free speech.

    This is not hate. Hip Hop has a lot in common with the gay.homosexuals. If u disagree with them and express your view it’s “hate”.

  • yeah

    why would Swizz want to be relevant in music? He was making moves when people actually BOUGHT MUSIC. nowadays its a waste of time to have music as his MAIN hustle. At this point he’s doing music for the love…doesn’t make sense to dedicate all your time on something that isn’t lucrative anymore.

    Thats why a lot of producers from the 90’s are no longer “playing the game” because they’re not about to go from 50-100k that they used to get to producing for “ringtone checks”…gtfoh

  • Dj Mosiah

    The Street Knock record with A$AP Rocky was super dope. This dude Fagladesh is a clown, Its a common theme among ATLiens. They believe that the rap game revolves around them…….

  • mac DIESEL



  • tbd1983

    This This dude reminds me of Jermaine Dupri when he caught hrlla flack from Dr. Dre and Timbaland when he made a comment in Xxl , thirteen years ago that he was the better producer in urban music than those two. Artists from Aftermath and Beat Club (when it was running) diss JD/So So Def to the bone gristle. Bang must want Swizz’s friends (which is half of the industry, including YMCMB) to alienate him …

  • B.Dot

    we all know how THAT movie ended

  • Angelo

    @BDot you really didn’t say Memph Bleek Is… & DMX production on his 2nd album were crazy?? O_o … Fuck You by the LOX is Swizz best joint ever & Banned From TV is a close 2nd. Nobody goes crazy over the majority of Swizz’s records my man. You know this too! His sound is repetitive. Even when he 1st dropped…98-00 almost every one of his records sounded the same. Just because your joints are popular doesn’t make it dope. Look at all the Flavor Of The Month producers in the last 5-6 years, they were on big records, sold well & were popular, it doesn’t mean the music was dope though.

  • Kilt

    When did black guys become Drama Queens??? Expressing your opinion and carrying yourself like a man are different things people… Fuck the he said she said, leave that nonsense for the females..

  • HB

    THIS NIGGA MADE 6 FOOT 7 FOOT FOR WAYNE LIKE 2 YEARS AGO, and he talking bout relevance??

    ..AND didnt get paid for it either. HA Swizz got old money more than this dude bank account

  • HB

    OH! and to me this nigga best work was on “A millie”

  • The Watcher

    I see a lot of jumping the gun here. Some of you should google Bagledesh before you comment. First and fore most. As long as I can remember he has always been VERY outspoken. Never one to play politics well. His statement I don’t believe was derived from hate but a near accurate assessment of what Swizz is doing right now. Swizz is more into branding and peddling products I.e.) reebok, Aston Martin etc. I don’t think he undermining Swizz’ contribution to the culture, but in all honesty Swizz is Spending more time marketing and promoting Bsquiats and shit the average person on the street level can care less about. WHERE IS THE MUSIC?!?

  • Crew Love

    Swizz has a huge career when Bengladesh just a couple hits
    Swizz new shit BEEN boring and below average for years..
    his hook formula is also annoying as fuck..
    He be having the A list treatment thanks to other things thats his recent material

  • LA

    Real talk.
    Swizz fell off years ago.
    Tried to pull a Jay Z with Alicia, but his beats nowadays are mad suspect.
    And his rapping is worse than Timbaland.

  • @gtfomike

    Why does XXL interview Bangladesh in the first place? Not like he has fans that are gonna read or something. Rather give a new fresh MC the looks.

  • @gtfomike

    After Nelly vs. KRS, Ice-T vs. Soulja Boy and Common vs. Drake you would think people learnt from other peoples mistakes. Naaahhhhhhhhhhhh

  • @gtfomike

    The last Bangladesh beat I remember was on the Bad Meets Evil EP, and that beat was pure garbage.

  • Keith

    Bangladesh got a few good beats, but he’s way out of line on this one.

    Let’s see him try to go beat for beat against Swizzy. Come on, son.

  • das rapist

    the first 2 ludacris albums, bangladesh was beastin, the intro on back for the first time is one of the meanest drums i done ever heard in a beat (its also on the movie ‘Empire’) i dont know if his catalogue could fuck with swizz’s ever but right now if you offered me a choice of one or the other i would choose bangladesh (poz)… although he could never make a ‘love is blind’, people dont care about that kind of rap anymore, they want some heavy produced southern knockoff or euro dance.

  • niggasiswack

    swizz is dat nigga. u might not like it but fuck it.

  • Swizz follows our account at . Bang doesnt. Swizz Wins.

  • Nickey Negrito

    So Bang retweets the interview wasn’t about him and they reversed it?! How did Swizz name come up?

  • BX

    I swear people be feeling themselves waaay too much nowadays, everybody feel their better than the next.. shit is lame

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