MGK Announces Album Release Date


During Machine Gun Kelly’s live stream session this evening, he gave October 9 as the release date for his debut album, Lace Up via Bad Boy/Interscope. Get on the ball and pre-order it now.

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  • Gambino

    Bet it comes out before French Montana’s

  • Nick

    this dude has potential to be a mainstream hit, he needs more exposure

  • Syrus

    not a good idea Kendrick Lamar drops a week before that and he will easily outsell MGK the second week

  • Devante

    Who gives a shit?

  • KoldCase

    alot of people give a shit

    dude has a core fan base

  • static

    he will sell 100k first week but drop after first album sorry mgk fan of some music but should of stay indy…

  • This wigger actually has fans

  • ECU

    I use to hate on him but after looking up more of his music i became a fan and now I’m excited

  • What’s MGK gonna do when the middle of his scalp thins out too much? Du rag?

  • s

    big LO in the back

  • Anon DCPL

    Yo RR, can y’all post up that new wiz album cover… I can’t wait to read the comments on it.


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  • Freed


  • PEEP

    @Anon That wiz cover is beyond gay.

  • JustMyOpinion

    Im just happy to see someone on Bad Boy release an album other than Puffy-P.Diddy or whatever other irrelevant names he assigns to himself.

    Good job, MGK.

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ Anon – YOU’RE looking forward to a Wiz album?

    Guess you like to sing AND dance. *shrug shoulders*

  • nosamyrag

    Is he breaking the Bad Boy curse? Red Café hasn’t dropped anything official tissue yet. & he’s been signed longer than MGK.

  • dee

    @gambino your commment was the dumbest thing i have ever read if he put out a release date clearly he plans to drop his album before french montana go run into a wall idiot

  • Kurtis

    MGK is a beast. Anyone who thinks different doesn’t understand quality music. Quality music comes from stories told from the heart, personal tragedys and triumphs. LACE THE FUCK UP!!!!

    GET AT ME ON FACEBOOK K Guccistraitjacket Brown

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