• thabi

    what is the inspiration of the cover, THE ANTI SIMP

  • DoleMic

    6 Poppin, but why do the females look like niggas in the face?

  • Marko-V
  • Trillionaire

    I seriously thought this nigga music was different but I guess not..lol Trill title and concept though

  • King Chandler

    I’ll some every song in this dudes catalog up for everyone…….”Izm” I can’t even listen to the songs he’s featured on by artists I do like because he OD’s on the ad-libs and backs that shit up with sub-par pimp lyrics. He does some spoken word on Connor’s shit and ruins the entire track, dude must be the realest dude on the planet to have dudes like Connor and Ye collabin with him because it sure as hell ain’t for talent.

  • serenissima

    yall are hating this shit is fiiirreeee