New Music: Mac Miller x Pharrell “Glow”

Still “Onaroll” comes Mac and Pharrell with the second leak from their collaborative project. From the sounds of it, this is something we’ll be watching out for. Pink Slime coming soon.

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  • young cracka

    this shits dope as fuck, its nice to hear non niggers rap

  • Capo

    damnnnnnn mac miller spitting fukin flame, lets get it

  • tohottie26

    CAll up JG wentworth, classic, shit iz hottttttttt!!!!!

  • B.Dot Miller listen to my tape brother i hope to see the tape on Rap Radar sent couple emails no reply #Scorpion Music

  • wizsucks

    this shit fire

  • the wizard

    that trill flow ..sounds like asap

  • .

    i’m so special. so special…….special tight beat, weak rhymes.

  • I need the instrumental version of this album

  • soff

    pharell and rocky need an album

  • Goldenboy

    Mac miller is gawd awful.. P bout to waste some good beats.. I need a Banks, Loso, & Skateboard P album

  • cray

    this is the first mac miller track that i like. i think the beat worked for me.

  • @young cracker say that in some s face

  • awfull sjit


    Didnt like the track at first but after a few listens its starting to sound real nice, the beat is different

  • dadankness

    If Amaya says you want to listen to it.. You dont want listen to it

    But if the chick or the dude Amaya says that you DONT want to listen to it? Then you want to listen to.. See *ASAP ROCKY “PUSSY MONEY WEED” * Its better than Waynes version and Games version and this clown says to pass on it..

    Shame.. FOR [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ This suck is ass by the way.. I havent heard a different from verse from Mac miller in his whole career.

    He raps in two ways.. one really lazy boring low tone almost muttering flow like he did on smoke n drank which is horrible as well (doubly bad since french montana is the other guest on the song) or some upbeat fast almost too well done as their is no emotion in the songs ever

    I just want to let this dude be a clown who wears skinny jean shit.. rocks ugly yet expensive glasses(so this makes them cool?) will keep the same boring shit for his fans who will swear its groundbreaking and go listen to some shit that actually has roots in rap and the struggle

    JUICY JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ <== should sell like 200 thow of his next CD but will only sell like 40 grand and I blame all the new school fans of rap.. Classless and they like some stupid as shit.

    Tyga Mac Miller Meek Mill Gudda Gudda hell all of MMG and all of YMCMB.. if you think either of these two groups is nice go die

  • David

    ASAP ROCKY IS TERRIBLE. Fuck outta here with those “ASAP Rocky should be on this” & “Mac stole ASAP’s flow” shit no. ASAP stole Texas’s flow & Mac borrowed it. With that being said, this song is cool.

  • dadankness

    Nobody said Mac stole ASAPS flow.

    ASAPS beats and sounds are southern.. the way he puts his words out is midwest south and new york mixed together.

    This shit is boring just like blue slide park was the most over sold rap album that the emo era of rap has had to offer.. nonsense.. its so bad people are already wanting to move on to the future with Gibbs ASAP and the other real rappers who rap from experience not like rick ross and company who rap from what they’ve seen on the tv screen

  • onenutned

    this beat is annoying as shit.

  • @gtfomike

    Mac Miller is average af. Fuck y’all dickriders

  • Fiasco

    I want another Clipse album.


    This sounds like some ghetto sesame street shit. This shit sounds too happy go lucky. Mac shines better on that smoove shit….Meh.

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    Support the movement! Bless up. Cromer Beats 2012

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  • swag

    Mac miller the next legend in rap, fuk what yall haters, hrs dropping more fire then these wack ass rappers, dnt judge him cus of his color, just a couple more songs like this and hell be in my top 5 in no time, hes already top 10 to me

  • M.T


  • dadankness

    I would expect somebody with such a faggy name as “Swag” to have that opinion on Mac Miller.. The word you chose as your Screen name is enough for me to know that I hate you.

  • Kilt

    Cool track, not great. Good to hear something different outta rap aside from pitched 808’s and note repeat hi hats over horror movie melodies..

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  • What it do, what it does Mac!

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