• Iran The Race


  • MOneybags

    Copper foamposites penny pennies

  • Royalty of this shyt!

    felling this shyt mang!

  • tbd1983

    This bangs

  • this is what i like music to sound like

  • SMP12

    connor killed it..kept it real like all his verses

  • Real Deal

    Connor is a beast

  • sas000

    hardest shit i heard this summer dat nigga jon connor killed it

  • ill forreal!

  • King Chandler

    I don’t think Connor has it in his DNA to spit a wack verse. I’ve actually never seen a negative comment about him before either, even by some troll trying to get attention or being funny. He’s one of the only artists that gives me a nostalgic feeling like when I was comin up on hip-hop in the 90’s. If this was the golden era of hip-hop he would have every major in the game knockin’ on his door with multimillion dollar offers. What other dude can remake multiple classic albums by living legends, kill every track and get all positive feedback, and meanwhile drop exclusive material in between to feed the fans……..smh. Dudes grind is unmatched. I hope he does Stillmatic for the next installment in his Best Rapper In The World series.

  • Excellent.

    Buy our work.

  • seeseacee

    file not found…. sea that???

  • The Cooler

    Unbelievable. I admit, I’ve been sleepin’ on these guys. Not anymore, though.

  • Real Talk

    Goooood Damn!