• Beaming

    Ross staying winning like it or not.

  • Anon DCPL

    I want to see what the second week follow up sales are… 200k seems unrealistic, unless they count units shipped to the store as well. Either way, don’t know what people find so intriguing about this guys facade. This dude doesn’t even have a classic album under his catalog.

  • baous

    ^ what’re you talking about all his albums & mixtapes are classics. Ross is the GOAT

  • Black Shady

    COLE WORLD : TSLS sold more fw…just saying

    Ross was #1 on that MTV list and dem fuckaz didnt put cole on the list. Says a lot…..

  • GFID is one of the best albums this year but not much comes out

  • kayandgee


  • the album is DOPE whether the dude is authentically fake or organically real… its entertainment at the end of the day


    Keep up the good work Ricky Rozay

  • tasha

    niggaz better step there pen game up cause ROZAY is gettin’ there baby