Big Boi Debuts “Mama Told Me” In Austin

Mama told us there would be days like this. But during last night’s Vitaminwater & Fader Uncapped event down in Austin, TX, Antwan gave a live premiere of a new track featuring Swedish band, Little Dragon.

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  • PEEP

    Little Dragon is dope.

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  • Larry

    Big boi is underatted.

  • yo

    nigga this shit right here….

  • i luv this shit!

    big boi is the MAN…. luv little dragon

  • MJ

    Very catchy song. CDQ please!

  • daman

    Big boi and 8ball most underated nigs in the south!

  • Jus10

    First 2 songs are good so far! I just hope this album has some REALLY FUNKY instrumentals like “Shutterbug”. lol

    But this is sounding like a must-have anyways.

  • bigsexy

    HOT SHIT!! B-I-G B-O-I stays funky!