Drake Speaks On Aaliyah Album

Backstage at his OVO Fest last weekend, Drake spoke to Much Music on his performance, Aaliyah’s single “Enough Said” and her posthumous album helmed mostly by himself and “40”.

Drake also says it will feature at least 13-14 tracks and will include those who have worked with the late songstress. Miss Info has clarification on whether the project is supported by her family.

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  • Loaded

    That “Enough Said” track is hot. It’s only cause Drake is on it niggas got a problem with it. Don’t let your hate for an artist stop you from enjoying good music.

    grow up little niggas.

  • Dude wanted to do it, it seems nobody else has the power to do it, and he the hot guy right now, maybe when Tim dropped Justin album and his first Shock joint if he wanted to do it, it could of been done by him, now it seems like open season, hopefully the music is good

  • I would’ve cut the interview off once he snatched the mic from my hand. WTF? Drake be feeling himself a little TOO much.

  • the void

    those 2 jews need to get their ass beat. no respect at all.

  • damn, but come on its needs that missy & timbaland craft on there!

  • the void

    i saw all white ppl in the audience. white ppl rule hip hop. white ppl love these non hip hop dudes cause they are soft. white ppl wish they could steal hip hop just like they stole rock and roll.

  • Gayke

    Looks like he’s on coke.

  • carlito

    yo peep at 1:28 how he puts an emphasis on how he and 40 are “commanding” the project. and then at 1:40 how he says “to get 13-14 new aaliyah songs, everybody should be excited”. and then at 1:57 when he says, “her old label said if there’s anybody else who could do it right now, it’d be me and 40 i feel like all 3 were subliminals at timbo as a response to what timbo said in that interview. it’s too easy to see through this clown. you prolly the hottest in the game and you good at what you do. but i don’t understand this tough guy act he’s been trying REALLY hard to keep up with, when him and everybody around him know he ain’t bout that life. this nigga is just too into his own ego. he about to take the crown from kanye for biggest ego in the game.

    but hey, get you’re money niglet.

  • SpaceGhostBlacc


  • George

    peep the ghetto remake of oldie playing through the interview LOL

  • kai

    Am i the only person who’s wondering who gave this nigga the green light to even do this? He didn’t even know her.

  • 3rdRail

    I think that they ail do an ok job.

    SN; I hat when posthumous albums are made with whose hot at the time. Eminem single handily ruined dozens of 2Pac songs with that B.S. production.

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ kai I am wondering why everyone on this site is big’n this up like this IS cool. I don’t understand what’s so cool about a man in his mid 20s fascinate by a former female R&B. This is downright weird to the max. And, I never called anyone weird. But, this dude is the epitome of the word.

  • sean

    OK , whats up with his ACT . He is Fake. If any one else can’t see that then they’re idiots . He isnt about that Life . But when you start to hand around people who are .. you start being that fake bitch who acts like they do . Drake makes good music but I cannot stand the way he acts . It is just plain fake .

  • Kobe

    Didn’t yall hear his verse on Enough Said? Welp it’s for yall hating. Obviously her family and label is cool with it and he definitely said people who worked with her being Timbo and Missy will be involved, I even read that Timbo is producing 2 songs on the album. Now tell me why you’re mad.

  • Thts dope u need a dope relevant artist to give this album a fresh sound
    Or elsle it would be a bunch if old artist who knew her making wack old music from the 90s that would go away the week it comes out

  • Fucking WOW Drake….

    How much more of a fucking EGO Maniac can you be??? I remember when he would act humble in interviews and act like he had some fucking sense. Now that you make hott music (which he does and 40 does as well – they’re both excellent, im no hater) you can just disrespect a fucking interviewer doing his fucking job?? That was bullshit, and you were feeling yourself wayyy too much in that interview. What happened to the Drake dropping on his knees at a show (no homo) and telling the crowd “My name is Aubrey Graham im just a young kid from a show called Degrassi….thank you for everything” – yeah what the fuck – hanging around fake mother fuckers like Rick Ross and Wayne….I guess this will happen. What a bitch.

    OH – and im one of the biggest OVOXO fans you might encounter, but this interview was bullshit.

  • Jaymalls

    First off… Why is dude moving like he on coke???

    2nd, the “enough said” track was poorly done and sound rushed! His verse doesn’t match the song and 40 added lazy production wih a wack pad and typical drum patterns used on all his beatz!

    3rd he didn’t even reach out to niggas yet! Dude said I “hope” to get… If dude really “loved” Aaliyah like that he would either have declined to do the project or done it the right way! Fuck his tattoos too! #SMH

  • Aggie Pride

    Drinking that purple drank and smoking weed isn’t a good mix some times. It can make u feel like you on PCP. But yeah you can tell he’s on some heavy drugs.

  • Kobe

    @Jaymalls how did his verse not fit in? She was asking him what was bothering him, what was on his mind and shit and he told her what it was in his verse. smh you’re just really hurt, it’s all good though son. you’ll be alright. Ha!

  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    Man dude needs to pay homage and go bout this shit the right way. He didnt even know her. At least put Timbo and Missy in the mix. It’s a respect thing.

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  • NuNew

    This shit is wack as fuck. Its like Iggy Azaliea (sp?) dropping a new 2pac album

  • SanchoDick

    Man, am I the only person who thinks Drake looks horrible?
    Like before he looked like he gave a shit about what he looked like but lately he’s been lookin like he’s a skinny ass drug addict. Hahaha damn.
    But yeah, maybe hes just too busy to get in shape and shit.im just sayin

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Shout out to BOOKER T from the WWE for talking to Drake.

  • Omega Supreme

    This dude is lame…………………………and coked out

  • Black Shady

    do your thingggggg drake. dont mind the hate
    Drake’s actually the only rapper in YM i can stand


    If there´s something like that elite illuminati thing – I hope they ´ll kill him…
    But he walks hand in hand with that homo erotic agenda.

    this shit is as girly as a fucking barbie doll…
    why we here talking bout this little fagglet?

  • Steems

    Why is drake doing it????? whyyyyyyyy??? is he really feelin himself that much for him to do an Aaliyah album? Man this music industry is going down and im sure he’s getting something out of this

  • Steems

    no disrespect, but fuck her family and her label because first of all, her family didnt make Aaliyah famous or rich (The fans did) and the label is just trying to make money (As usual). they would let Souldja boy do an Aaliyah album if they knew they make money. Its all about what the fans think, Aaliyah fans are NOT Drake fans. Aaliyah fans are in the same bubble as Timbo and missy NOT drake. Drake is feeling himself due to the fools who buy his album and go to his lame ass shows (been to one of them for free, i left).

    RIP Aaliyah and im so sorry this clown is going to mess up your name, money rules the world and its sad smh….


  • @Artise1

    I javelin nothing against Brake. But that track is weak, Aaliyah would of never sung over such a elementary beat. He used it to diss Breezy. Its not a good look.

  • JustMyOpinion

    Honestly, I just want Drake to penetrate me…too much to ask?

  • Dru

    Just for those who have a problem with Drake snatching the mic, the interviewer, T-Rexx, is his boy, so it’s all in good fun. Just saying…

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