• Gambino

    2 chainz album leaked…

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  • CTE

    GET this WACKKK motherfucker off MY FUCKIN’ LABEL. Indy 500 is hiring duo full time application

  • CTE

    Gibbs is your label you dumb shit

  • Brahsef

    Madlib and Gibbs be makin some special music. First Thuggin then this. Nice videos too.

    I’m not even a big Gibbs fan but he sounds good on soul beats

  • CTE

    @cte Shut da fuck up lil white bitch

  • Gibbs better drop the babyfacekilla

  • self-made

    gibbs aint doin’ too much for himself, nigga aint movin no units period an jeezy careless

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  • sunn

    its a shame madlib has to resort to givin this brother his beats

  • Jay

    @sunn He should join with MF DOOM forever and ever.

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Gibbs is the fu*king man. Are these two different songs? Either way this sh*t is dope AF. Can’t wait untill the entire project drops. Copping for sure.

  • Chad Law

    That’s really Tennille in the video doing blow though.

  • Jay Jones

    Nice video/nice beats and flows

  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    SHit is on point ma boy! Nice.

    BRAND NEW BEAT —–> #10: “Tomorrow Never Dies” (LISTEN IN HD) (New beat every [email protected]!n sunday!!!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hb0943qvjaE&feature=plcp

  • J

    Gibbs prollythe coldest in the game along wit a select few of others (krit kdot cole anthm) but he need to drop BFK

  • areal1

    This shit hard @J I agree one of the best new artists in the game 2nd song is crazy

  • Realniggashit

    My nigga

  • Anon DCPL

    let’s go Gibbs, keep dropping that ill shit, and make sure you make BFK a classic!

    Kendrick, Nipsey Hussle & Gibbs are two debut albums I’m patiently waiting on to actually buy.

    So far, I’ve actually bought all the TDE joints, Krit, Nas, Gibbs/Static Selektah, DZA & Currensy.

  • sasha

    fuck dis ugly lookin’ MF, no talent MF…how long since jeezy sign him an he aint poppin’ for shit…deeez niggaz dont now how to hussle an get there own, lookin’ for hand out

  • King Chandler

    Gibbs has been saying Jeezy was one of the only artists he liked since the beginning of his career. I knew he would end up signed to CTE. I don’t see anybody from CTE blowin up in the near future but everything he drops is dope. He’s one of my favorite artists. Personality wise he could drop the “I’m a thug and I’ll beat anybody up” shit in every interview because that shit does get kinda annoying after a while. Reminds me of that Katt Williams shit when he’s talkin’ bout DMX “Damn N*gga, you angry at breakfast?, you gangbangin on bacon lol. Oh well, the quality of music is what it’s about in the long run.

  • FTW

    Respect Jeezy for signing a real MC, in an attempt to make real hip hop music. But the dumb kids can’t really handle Gibbs polysyllabic versus, basically he’s talking over their heads. Gibbs is not in that strip club music lane, he’s making substantial pieces. People have been so inundated with simplicity they’ve forgotten what the music is supposed to sound like.

    This shit is dope.


  • abovetheclouds

    One of the best out right now. He’s got the voice and the flow style. Sounds like its coming from the bottom of his stomach. Good shit.