• imperial85

    Ross won.

  • dee

    ross work harder that most artist gotta respect that

  • MadeMan

    How can anyone respect William, His still the biggest joke.

    All this work and promo and not much to show for it.

    RR still advertising the album lol

  • close-minded sumbitch

    I guess self made means shooting your own videos dre filmes now shutuh films spliif tv wack ass album

  • imperial85

    go to the 50 cent post and read @MadeMan comment then read mine for clear thought.

  • imperial85

    where’s Pill? He wants to eat too!

  • Jay Jones

    The album is solid but not classic…I don’t know something is missing…maybe too much boss talk where I can’t connect since I work a well-paid 9-5 but still a 9-5….
    the soulful touch is interesting but the album is overall too mellow, R&B is omnipresent….Ross tries to make a Biggie 2nd album move where you go mainstream…but mainstream is different from ’97

    It needs more spin in my car so it can grow or never

  • jen