Curren$y Explains Live In Concert Delay

The more successful, the more stressful. Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa’s Live In Concert mixtape was supposed to drop today. But due to bitchassness hip-hop politics, the project is on hold indefinitely. Spitta later turned to his Twitter account and explained the reason behind the setback.

We wldnt feel comfortable droppin #LiveInConcert until we get the samples cleared.with how these suits keep poppin up.. Mixtapes ain’t safe. Lots of law suits being handed out to folks for makin free mixtape jams..Wiz,Mac,myself even..We gotta play this one smart..We got it tho. So don’t trip it’ll be out soons the legal beagles handle it…. Crazy how the game gets huh? I never imagined a time like this…. came up off mixtapes in 08 not financially but they put me on so2speak..Sucks that this may be a lane made unavailable to the next mcs.. But when one door closes, another one opens….We will do the due diligence and have it cleared in its entirety …When u hear it you’ll see what we built…. And it will last forever

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  • Post no billz

    That fuckin sucks was really looking foward to this tape

  • JustMyOpinion

    I tell you what is rap music coming too. Dudes can’t hold a date on a mixtape now. SMH

  • The Truth

    Spitta saw that wiz cover and said fuck that shit!!!

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ *dead*

    I think the mixtape is in Wiz’s fur coat:

  • the brain trust

    Props to the nigga Spitta for treading carefully.

    These industry sharks are hell bent on putting an end to the mixtape era.

  • j.

    idk why they wait the day the tape release to clear the tracks….true potheads

  • I dont really vibe with Wiz or Currensy like that, but what they said is soooo true about the mixtape game. It’s a shame that it’s getting shut down the way it is with all these lawsuits.


  • jtm

    true potheads do everthing last minute… we been waiting for 3 years we can wait a few more months roll up

  • David


    Nigga the mixtape has been done for 3 months, now.

  • Peekay


  • JustMyOpinion

    @ David
    exactly……so why wait until the DAY of?

  • yeaa

    exactly. they couldnt do this a few weeks ago when they announced the tape? they could have at least released ONE song today to hold us off for the tape.

  • Goldenboy

    They never intended on releasing the tape.. #StopFrontin



  • Goldenboy

    And the cover art to the tape and Wiz album are lame, this guy wiz is proving to be a clown, no one is checkin for dude.. He tryna live off Spitta again

  • It takes time to clear a sample, shit just don’t happen in a day or weeks even. You can record a song all you want but if it samples somebody else & you release without there permission or compensation, then they legally can sue. See Frank Ocean “American Wedding”

  • brollya

    get the fuck outta here wit that bullshit ass lie currensy….. u kno u seen dat wiz cover and was lik naw fuck dat….. u bout to let a lil lawsuit from mac miller scare u…. “FAIL” if that was it, wale and kirko bangz and all dem would be gettin sued

  • Wink

    The wind blowin in change, and I am not mad
    Old garbage bag rappers need to find a style fast

  • lolll dudes gotta understand that mac miller is being sued for what he represents..

  • Clearing samples could take months even a year. Fans that understand the business need to read.

  • Souther Belle

    I absolutely love when makes a post. He is so funny and not to mention, cute. 😉

  • Jay Wayne

    More like..lets make sure Wiz’s shit dont flop.. If it does atleast we got this Tape to save him!!

  • p_c_p

    Y’all really complaining about free music?
    I was looking forward to it as well but chill the fuck out.
    Spitta puts out free music consistently so quit ya yappin’

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