Jeezy Named SVP of A&R At Atlantic


Jeezy is taking his executive seat behind the desk at Atlantic Records. During yesterday’s broadcast on Atlanta’s V103, DJ Greg Street announced Jeezy was pointed the new Senior Vice President of A&R.

Although Da Snowman is now employed at Atlantic, he will continue to bring his hits to Def Jam as a solo artist. It’s the Universal Warner world. Congrats!


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  • onenutned

    damn T.I.P …lost.


  • Biigace

    1……………Oh oh oh oh oh OK!!(Mercy)

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Congrats to Jeezy. Proud of my dude.

  • jeezy

    Fuck def jam..Itstheworld!! Now they can cock gobble Ross all day…Atlantic…CTE…

  • Devante

    It won’t be long before he’s goes to Atlantic…

  • JohnDoe

    Another Win 4 Jeezy

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    MMG groupies / stans are state of shock. They are trying to recover from William’s first week #’s now this hahahaha.

  • Commenting Carl

    That’s a big deal I can’t front… that’s a boss move he has the power to drop T.I

  • jeezy

    Lmao @ ZoomZoomDad-Otis…thats why Officer Roberts want to work with Jeezy below

    Jeezy won! Ross groupies go fall on something sharp..btw the untouchable MMG empire officially pushed back Meek Mills & French Montana’s albums…report that shit

  • Rozay

    Real niggas congratulate and don’t hate Jeezy just made a boss move.

  • to yolo or not yolo

    Thats a real boss RR mad surprised y’all didn’t say this the ish i don’t like haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • rep

    A nigga from his own crew cant put out n Álbum but he’s gonna b in charge of..never mind…Congrats Jizzle we need some new fucking music now tho a mixtape with Dj Drama now would be good cant believe summer over n aint some new Jeezy..smfh

  • SpaceGhostBlacc

    What’s an a&r though?

  • The Truth

    Maybe Jeezy can force Wiz to change that bullshit looking ass album cover now!!!

  • It’s “APpointed” not “pointed”


    @SpaceGhostBlacc AN A&R is the dude at a label that finds the best new beat and talents for the label or particular artist (Talent scout). I must say this is a lane many older artists need to consider. Sometimes it better for them to stop trying to be young and pretend to be 18yr old rappers and begin molding the next generation. Not the Jeezy is “That old”, but good move none the less.

    BRAND NEW BEAT —–> #10: “Tomorrow Never Dies” (LISTEN IN HD) (New beat every [email protected]!n sunday!!!)


    *** Follow the movement ***

  • Ivy blue Hov

    You stupid fools!!! A&R’s deal with recruiting talent and finding new artists, they got no say on budgets and shit……. Hov at Def Jam was a power mover VP of A&R aint shit for an artist of Jeezy’s status let’s all calm the fuck down!!!! By the way, Ross lost!

  • Aggie Pride

    Well this explains why jeezy been quiet this summer. A&R does overseeing over artists and find new talent. He will also have some promotional/marketing control.

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  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    It’s the world! C.O. Ricky lost. Again. I’d hate to be an A&R though, you have to go through so much wack talent to find a few good artist.

  • The Truth

    @ Ivy blue Hov

    Jeezy has the same exact title that Sha Money XL has at Def Jam, and Sha is responsible for signing Big Krit, seems you are the stupid one bruh!!! When you can sign artists to a major label such it is a power move!!!

  • Aggie Pride

    Lol Jeezy is officially a Corporate Thug bringing you the Entertainment. CTE “IT’s THE WORLD”


    A&R of what LOL???? Im still waitin on Jeezy to bring out one of his artist… Notice none of his artist has ever made an album or does he even have artists. Slick Puller??? Boo Rossini??? Freddie Gibbs??? Wake me up when he does… Real Bosses like the boy Rozay put others on! Niggaz like Jeezy be too afraid that the cats if he put them on will take his lil shine that he has left..

  • gammaboi

    Congrats to the man, but Gibbs is only talented signing he’s made.
    Plus Young Lody is a Lex Luger clone, so I don’t know what these dudes over at Atlantic were thinking.

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  • Ivy blue Hov

    @the truth I can guarantee you that sha money didn’t have the final word in whether krit got a deal or not, hov did when he was at def jam. Trust me, i ride for jeezy but lets not make it seem bigger than it is. A lot of A&R’s shopped jay to major label but he never got a deal, if it was up to the a&r’s hove would have had a deal same with yeezy.

  • Donn

    Why u closet fans keep bringing up Ross. U want to divide hiphop. Ever think ppl like both Ross and Jeezy. Stop this bullshit and uplift both of em. They both represent the culture and push it forward. Shouts to Jeezy and Ross! Both bosses

  • tbd1983

    Jeezy did street promo and marketing before he rapped, so this is a good look …

  • **MyNaMek’Ree**

    gOoD tHiNg Guwop is Not on atLaNtic No MoRe tHe VeRDict wiLL Neva dRop #Brrr

  • The Truth

    @Ivy blue Hov

    Actually L.A Reid had the final say, Jay-z had more say so than Jeezy will have because he was the President of the whole label which included other acts besides hip hop, I give Jay-z props for signing Rhianna Rick Ross Ne Yo among others but don’t say this move is minor though that Jeezy has done!!! But I will say though that I haven’t seen any evidence that Jeezy can’t develop any artists

  • DonStatus

    Yo @CROMER BEATS…I can’t for the life of me understand why your not signed to a label yet…those beats are nice as fuk dude. I don’t say that about many producers these days. Somethin about your beats are diff dude. Good shit.

    …In other news JEEZY WINS AGAIN…Ross crying in a bowl of ice cream right now. HAHA

  • H2FD

    Nobody loss at the end of the day, both Ross and Jezzy are in powerful positions and collect check(s) That’s a win if you ask anybody that see it from a logical stand point.

  • Santa


    I was pissed off at you before but I respect you using the signature instead. A lot less intrusive. Keep on grinding homie



  • CTE

    ^^^This guy. SMH

  • Rob Forte

    This is a good look for him. Congrats

  • Brown Shady

    Congrats Jeezy

  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    @Santa Bless up. Just trying to spread my art. But yes, yall niggas are my “E-Fam”. Don’t mean to piss no one off still. Bless lion heart & don’t forget to support the movement.

  • CaliSteppin

    He’s gonna promote tips album real hard. It’s a win win for Jeezy and tip

  • dee

    how did ross lose? im lost here ross got his label a deal with warner and has put out 3 solid albums what has cte done? but on another note shout out to jeezy hopefully he takes this position seriously

    Funniest shit I’ve heard all day
    Nigga can’t even BOSS UP at his OWN label

  • Teflon lucci

    *yawn* crackas playing games again, divide and conquer!!

  • @Teflon

  • coolc

    Cold summer cte album went gold… Yall dont remember white girl, corprate thuggin?

  • Lyor Cohen

    For a man who brought us so called ‘music’ by Blood Raw. I can’t wait to see what ‘talent’ he scouts at Atlantic. (SARCASM).

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  • Jeezy’s content in his music sounds like he’s continually glad to be where he’s at. Can he really be expected to be a professional high profile employee, or will he be a rapper in a suit?

  • Zoe

    Y’all niggas NEVER give Jeezy props but worship Officer Ricky…

  • Keith

    Congrats to Young Jeezy. Yeeeeah (said in raspy Jeezy voice).

  • Scrilla

    Right, he sells 233k first week “Def Jam bought all those” or goes gold “those are shipped copies” (even thought he sold 500k)

  • HK

    Congrats! Cheers!

  • HK


  • Omega Supreme

    @Scrilla so if Def Jam bought Jeezy 233k Def Jam damn sure bought Ross 218k

  • truth NEW ARTIST!!!!!!!!!! WHITEBOIS NICE AS FUCK!!!!!!!!!!

  • jeezy

    I guess all is forgiven..

    In other news..Rozay and Jeezy bout to collab on Maybach Music 4 remix…rapradar beefers will have to relax now…

  • im trying to get on fresh out from da gates hungry not bout money want to b heard

    1 shof clown fake niggaz