Sway Interviews Eminem & Slaughterhouse

With Eminem present, Slaughterhouse previewed their album with Sway on Shade 45. While discussing its recording process, they premiered their Boi-1da-produced track “Goodbye” at the 23:00 mark. welcome to: OUR HOUSE on August 28.

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  • dmc

    Welcome to Our House 8/28 !!

  • dadankness

    Is it just me or are the Shady records beat lately sounding to uplifting and positive? its a weird feeling.. im not hating but it just doesnt seem to fit snugly

  • dadankness

    hammer dance didnt sound to up beat but it seems like they are getting away from that sound since it didnt catch on.. i really dont want these dudes to sell out their lyrics like eminem did.. i mean eminem still kills it but songs like not afraid.. and cinderella man.. you know.. a lil too much change.. but all these dudes cant spit crazy

  • fuk waka

    goodbye is mind-blowing

  • dadankness

    too poppy you nahmmsayin?

  • Unknown

    Yo… “GoodBye” Jesus. Their verses are amazing.

  • Teejay

    …I’m hoping everything else on the album will exclusively be hard shit.

  • Young King

    I’ve said it before and will certainly say it again. You motha fuckas absolutely refuse to let your favorite Emcess(s) hit the studio and make great music without calling it pop anymore. You niggas need to chill yo.

  • PistolPistol

    Shady HouseGang!!!!
    Yo. Turn me up in the headphones..Nikel, It go, Sut Sut, Yaaoooowaaa….

  • Bongo

    Starting too feel it’s Obie Trice “cheers” all over again. Too much eminem. I doubt its his intention but he’s over shadowing the whole project with his presence and influence.

  • WEBB


  • Cruel Thing

    It has a real personal feel to it, i like it

  • hiphop

    im feeling the goodbye track dope but why didn’t they make that track one of the singles instead of throw it away. but yh cant wait welcome to our house 28/8

  • Doseofdopeness

    That issssssh right there!! Slaughterhouse !!! That’s easily the best track of 2012 . I can’t wait to hear the tracks em is featured on or produced !! This might be a classic

  • Swag

    Goodbye already made this album an instant classic and one of the best albums ever, the time is now, #SLAUGUST

  • lol at these cornballs wearing timbs in the summertime, like realllly though??

  • hopefully this album aint complete shit, and if it is lets hope the mixtape is halfway listenable..

  • lol @ these dudes getting interviewed on the guys own radio station..

  • Catch up niggas

    lol @ deez nuts

  • Slaugust

    @deez go fuk urself for juding other ppl u kno nothing about, halfway listenable ??? U culdnt make a better rap song if u had the best producer and nas ghost writing for u

  • lolololol @ yall stans, i was a fan until they foiled their major label DEBUT lmao, and im not the “ARTIST” here im just a fan of good hip hop and eminem honestly fucked up their style, sad to say..

  • and thats my OPINION..

  • Catch up niggas

    lol @ deez niggas

  • lol @ 3 singles failing, lol @ shooting an even cornier looking video than the actual song itself, lol @ the mixtape not being out right now, and lol @ this bullshit disappointment..

  • @Bongo you are one hundo percent correct..its absolutely mind blowing im actually starting to become less of an eminem fan..

  • eminem might as well start screaming on the tracks like dj khaled…

  • Young King

    @Deez NIgga get ya ol troll hatin ass outta here fuck boy.. I never really understood why y’all take the time outta your day to go on to an artist page who you don’t like and just hate and say a bunch of negative shit just because. Bottom line is, there is absolutely no legit reason anybody can hate on Slaughterhouse. You can say you dislike their type of music cause you prefer MMG or YMCM but you HAVE TO give them their props regardless an fuck you hatin bitches if you don’t.

  • Nickey Negrito

    That’s because SH is trying to impress Em or outdo Em. They have stooped they lyrical game to an Eminem level: content, behavior, music, attitude. They just seem like Em clones. When Em signed 50, he stayed 50. These SH dudes, i can’t say the same for them.

  • you are clearly retarded and didn’t read anything i had wrote..i absolutely despise both william roberts and robert williams, and its real funny how yall stans are so quick to assume an opinion made, is someone hoo is a fan of mmg or ymcmb, lmao im looking forward to black hippy album, at least their shit will have CREATIVITY…this shit wont sell and is going to sound like “i need a doctor” on at least 3 songs..

  • Brown Shady

    Just heard a classic with “Hip-Hop” with Nas and ‘Face, An amazing song “Goodbye” by Slaughterhouse and Im a Laker fan and my team got Superman! shit today was a good day haha

  • Mic Check

    its been sounding like I’m going to be a little disappointed by the album. Hopefully, not. Shout out to Crooked I tho, dude is a beast.

  • Jasså

    They’ve done their shit for a while without any remarkeble success.

    Now, thanks to Em theese dude’s is starting to make MUSIC with content, before it was just lyrics, lyrics and lyrics and nothing more to that.

    This is a good thing.

    Thank you Em for driving the dude’s in the right direction, a great combination, this album is gonna be dope.

  • Young King

    @Jassa Salute. Thank you for being one of the only people that actually understand this. Too many ignorant fuckin Hip HOp Purists and backpackers that just want BARS BARS BARS no content or subject matter. there are some songs like that on the album but for real y’all gotta chill.

  • Young King

    Aight y’all here goes an exclusive I don’t remember all of ’em but I know most of the producers on the album. Unfortunately there’s no Just Blaze *sigh* but it’s cool anyway here y’all go. It’s all I can remember for right now, but i’m sure there’s a couple more to mention

    Mr. Porter
    J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League (Deluxe Only)
    Kane Beatz
    Alex Da Kid
    Street Runner
    HIt Boy
    No I.D.

  • Ricky Retardo

    damn these one of those records i wish i wouldve heard when the lp came out

  • PPrrootteesstt

    the track is cool i guess, sounds kinda cheesy but I kinda expect a lot of that on this album. but its not a bad track. Looking forward to the mixtape a lot more than the album.

    SH interviews are always boring because these dudes aren’t divas or anything, they seem to just be regular guys that are really dope rappers, but since im a fan i listened all the way through.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, So all the hip hop purists might hate this track. But if you are a tin man and you couldn’t feel this song, this song was real as shit. I’m still going to support them like how i supported Yela. I’m just surprised that Just Blaze didn’t have a credit on their album.



  • young g

    People are connecting to track with personal content.
    50 cent: many men,wish death upon me, was a hit. Back then he just got shot.
    SlaughterHouse 8/28. Can’t wait to listen the tracks prod by No ID and Mr Porter.

  • PistolPistol

    They spit bars, you bitches complain. You say, oh give us some storytelling. They give you storytelling you bitches complain. Get the fuck outta here.. it’s a touching track w real feeling.

    For fuck sake you’ll probably end up with 30 tracks by the end of this month… If you don’t like HouseHang, then get the fuck out the house!!

  • Doseofdopeness

    Goodbye is a classic all you “hip hop” fans complaining its too pop but don’t u remember biggies juicy or pacs changes pretty sure they ha pop hooks nah mean. This is real hip hop not some dude jus claiming he’s so sophisticated n rapping about random ish

  • Double u-Tee-Eff

    that Goodbye joint is the shit

  • shady

    Man this album shaping up nicely. This is sumn im DEFINITELY buyin.

  • dadankness

    eggghhhhh They are goin the eminem Not Afraid route.. While there is no debating the skill this is gonna be full of sell out lyrically songs.. Sad they are doing it for the pay day as all of these guys have been in the rap game(minus joell ortiz and crooked) for long enough that they should be living comfortably enough that they dont have to comprimise their content matter.. Sad that eminem has infiltrated their brains and says if you guys do pop songs about girls u miss or a parent u miss you will get listens.. Its sad that I know it will mean listens and not buys and even eminem doesnt know that.. ALl 5 of the guys(including eminem) can still spit ferociously however they are no longer doing it for fans of rap they are doing it for spins on the local radio stations.. and when your a 10+ year vet in the game the money that you have accrued in the rap game should enable you to have the freedom to put out WHAT YOU WANT and not what the label feels will sell..

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  • Slaugust

    Who guys r fukin idiots all of u who r hating on then, they made a song about ppl who r close to them that passed away and ur over here hating Them ?? I havent heard any flops on this album yet all ive been hearing is bars and very dope beats, yall already judging and album that aint even come out yet, clearly this is the album of the year

  • SH got it hard from the fans.You got half their fans who say “They need better songs that are just good records”

    then the other half are saying “the songs they’re dropping aren’t hard or lyrical enough and they want those killer bars not radio attempts.”
    Ppl always complaining.It’s hard being a lyricist in 2012
    @Loch121 Loch Spaz Out Apache Cafe Live Show http://yourdearfriend.com/videos/video?slg=loch-spaz-out-apache-cafe-live-show&orderby=latest

  • sunn

    joeys verse on goodbye was fresh. glad to hear his side of that esther baxter mess

  • Black Shady

    that Goodbye track is serious

  • TheCool

    Damn… Budden’s verse on “Goodbye” hit me hard as fuck.

    Why wasn’t this a single? Haven’t they learned from Em’s singles, that people like emotional tracks? This has a mainstream vibe, while still being dope. Hopefully a future single.

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  • casper21

    I know this is Em’s station, but damn let the members of slaughterhouse answer a few more questions. I mean sway asked some great questions that were directed to Em, but I mean in a 30 min interview these guys barely touch the mic.

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  • Jin

    “Goodbye” track is dope…..loving the vocalist on this track!