A$AP Mob LP Release Date & Title

Three weeks from now, A$AP Rocky and his crew plan to release their debut album, Lords Never Worry. Not sure if it will be a digital or tangible release, but a few weeks back, they dropped their first single featuring Flatbush Zombies.


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  • .

    so much good music coming out

  • Rozay

    To bad these wack ass niggas don’t have any coming out.

  • Rozay

    These niggas straight out of low cash.

  • blahblahblah

    haha, straight low cash…title reminds me of Rick ross’s

  • lilrizq

    That’s a old pic, spaceghostpurrp(guy all the way to the right) ain’t down with them more.

  • its a planneee its a birddd its a zombieeee!!

  • Black Shady

    lmao @ straight outta low cash

  • ravens

    Can’t wait ! A$AP over everything !!!!

  • JMillionaire


  • the brain trust

    If Spaceghost was still down with Rocky, this would have made a really dope album cover.

    Looks like some 36 chambers shit

  • David

    none of these niggas can rap. too be honest, Rocky’s beats save him every time.

  • lol^

  • The Watcher

    Bad knock off of the Public Enemy/ Public Enemy #1 album cover….but I still wanna check it out

  • jtm

    A$VP Rocky is dope… Im not sold on the rest of the crew

  • These Niggas Wack

    LAST LAUGH / 10, 9, 8 @CigNaGa (Official Video) http://t.co/uM6YPym3

  • gotdaaaammm!

    how in the FUCK am i supposed to look forward to an album from these niggas if i dont even know whos who ?!these asap bitches are soo gassed up they think the whole world know who they are HA!

  • Rob Forte

    You like off the dome freestyles? Check this out, subscribe, and follow. Support! #TheAcademy ==> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yw_4HFYcFyY&feature=plcp

  • I Feeling The Public Enemy, Yo! Bum Rush The Show (Album Cover) Jack…!

  • I’m Feeling The Public Enemy, Yo! Bum Rush The Show (Album Cover) Jack…!