• Who?

  • TK

    She a lesbian rapper, she dope thou, I think she more raw than Minaj. Search her on youtube “Angel Haze – New York”

  • onenutned

    good look and good luck.

  • justin


  • JohnDoe

    Congrats to her, definitely the best female mc out

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    When will rappers learn ?? signing to a record label = willingly working for a pimp, you do the hard work they get all the money

  • aaronsmarter

    Bad idea. Universal is not the place for indie rappers who value art over commerce.

  • Prob

    This broad ain’t better than siya …YouTube “siya – I’m gone” … My friends that is the definition of a female rapper …

  • onanigga

    is that a 2 megapixel camera or 2.3?

  • WHO??????


  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    What kind of cheap ass Champagne is that they’re serving her……..at least give her some Cliqout

  • sunn

    lesbian rapper are you kidding???? thats like saying wet water

  • Mr.KneeGrow

    Gud luck to her, but she still isnt betta than 3D Na’Tee

  • More wack signings… SMH

    LAST LAUGH / 10, 9, 8 @CigNaGa (Official Video) http://t.co/uM6YPym3

  • Melania

    Im so sick of these garbage ass females rapping…first Nicki, then that racist bitch Iggy, then Azalia Banks and now this chick. What happened to quality rhymes and production along with looks or at least look decent…the niggas still got their quality artist somewhat damn! Where is RedMic she looks good and raps good hit that datpiff link and listen to her “Ghost Music” mixtape the bitch sounds like Nas and Jay Z!

  • Kenny Gs3

    bitch aint fuckin with SIYA .. point blank period .. that bitch siya got that roc-a-fella quality production .. with dope ass rhymes …

  • drew

    i love that The Who song?

    Who are you? who? who? who?