Eminem “Not Afraid” At G-Shock Event

Em’s catalogue is pretty long. And after Slaughterhouse hit the stage, the boss gave last night’s G-Shock event hit after hit after hit. Mikey catches “Not Afraid” above and IllHype has the rest below.

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  • Doseofdopeness


  • Evil

    EM will probably get G-Shock clocks for a lifetime after yesterdays performance.lol

  • WestCoast
  • PistolPistol

    Awww Shit… My boy got that fire back. I need to see him perform again before his or my life ends. Last time I seen him was with 50 ad Stat and D12
    .. Dude was drugged and that shit sucked. 20 min of Em and 6hrs of everyone else

  • King Chandler

    What else is there to say about this man, dude’s just an incredible artist all around, he belongs in everyones top 5 D.O.A. Him and Dre kill me with the average joe look constantly though. lol. They always look exactly the same. Fuck it, those plain tees and long sleeves they wear probly cost more than a pair of Galaxy foams, better than multi neon colored clothes with snapbacks like the rest of the flock. Legend

  • mothAfuckingPrince

    @ King Chandler. i don’t know about dre. but ems style is cheap. Dude is rocking a 100 dollars watch, ltd air maxes, probably carhart shorts and 20 bucks costing plain tee.

  • The Guy

    cause hes no sellout unlike your fav boys from mmg and ymcmb he doesnt care about any material shit

  • dbird

    Em dont needa over compensate like everybody else in order to get fans….Lyrics>Swag

  • yooo

    peep at 1:04 mark, he throws the ‘666’ sign and says ‘i dont owe you a motherfucking thing’…….spooky shit or coincidence?

  • Trillionaire

    definitely not the GOAT but he is damn good..need to drop another album

  • Black Shady

    Em is probably my 2nd fav rapper ever behind pac…but god, his life performance is just awkward to watch.

  • dopeaom

    These live performances are the first one that seem to have a relaxed Eminem on stage, he’s nowhere near as stiff as in other ones in the last two years. And while it’s the same clothing, he’s at least switched up that all gray for some other colors.
    Seems like he’s feeling good being himself once again and he said he’s working on a new album.. it might be a great one this time.

  • 1o

    GOAT. fuck swag. he dont need it.

  • Word

    Best performances I seen from him in a while.