Yelawolf “Good To Go” Champs Commercial

For Champs Sport’s latest television spot, the sporting goods chain licensed Yelawolf’s “Good To Go”. Needless to say, this is a good look for Catfish Billy.

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  • Rozay

    Yelawolf doesn’t strike me as the type of person that shops at champs. more like in the back of Walmart wear the red neck hunter boots are located.

  • ^ lmao you mean at dick’s sporting goods at the fisherman section, but na on the real the song goes good with the commercial though…

  • jobie

    white rappers besides eminem arent marketable. Asher and Yelowolf have come out with great music over the past year or two but wont sell none. They always come off as corny or fake to everyone despite them seeming geniune and talented to me. But rappers need to come up with a crew to get numbers. Wale didnt sell till after mmg. But they dont fit with any of current rappers so they seem SOL.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Nice !

  • Evil

    Good look for Yela this.He deserves it,he has worked hard as fuck.Im waiting for his new mixtape Psycho White cause his last mixtape was dope.
    Yela————————————–>Mac Miller,MGK,Asher Roth

  • Bangers N Mash

    This actually works real well.

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  • TheRealProTeGe

    Good music always finds its way! Good shit Yela!

    “This Ain’t Hollywood”

  • DJ Game

    Rozay, it’s “where” not wear. Maybe if you fancied an actual artist who knows their grammar, you would know yours.

    Side note: go ahead and check my grammar and spelling. I bet you already did to try to go back at me, clown.

  • Rajon chrondo

    Go jerk off to a dictionary dj game

  • GoodtoGo

    Bun B retweeted me after I sent him the link to that vid.

  • GoodtoGo

    Oh and yelawolf said he shops @ anywhere from Ralph Lauren to Walmart.

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